black cap,stel heads,brass breather elbow,terminal adaptor-etc,etc.
theres tons of tells
but i love anyway. scotts just jelous
anyone witness the orig alum car roll at norwalk?I was there and it was a real and correct car built to race and- it was raced stuff happens.
we were running freds sox and martin duster even more unreplaceable and doing what it was best an doing kicking butt mid 8s.
as we chat my R vin 8500 mile cuda is outside under leaves and gets pounded on regulary to keep the stangs and Z06s in therir place. i think its got a flat from last runs
trailer queens are good only for the scared and $$ guys whose nuts are not theirs to have fun with.
we play with the toys and share our nuts

Orignal Hemi Cuda (shaker is in garage)
"No clones allowed"