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#2512924 - 06/25/18 08:11 AM disney world
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need opinions. How many days do you really need to do the kingdom with 2 young children 5 and 8 What resort would you stay at in the Kingdom? What kind of passes would you buy? any info would be greatly appreciated.Planning trip soon. 8days 7 nights thanks so much.

#2512950 - 06/25/18 09:42 AM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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Depending on what you like to do, they may like the pool the best! I would plan on a day at animal kingdom, at least a day at the magic kingdom. I haven't been to Disney in two years but if they're girls your going to have to do epcot for the frozen ride. Have fun. I would order water and snacks and stuff like that online and have them deliver it to your room. The buses are pretty good so you can do two parks if you have the park hopper option. Turkey legs are good at epcot, as is the beer. If you have a medical condition you can use that to get head of the line passes for your entire party.

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I've visited Orlando Disney for multi day vacations with family over 50 times over a couple of decades.

A lot depends on time of year. I have never been during peak times, and never will.

1st time visitor family unit like you are?, Nearly EVERYTHING can be seen in 3 days, if you plan well, four would be m=y suggestion, avoid standing in lines, and wasting time moving from one park to another. If you over spend time at parks, its gets boring real fast, and detracts from anticipation on next visit.

I would not wait any longer for the age of your children, they will enjoy it now, and you will just watching them.

Best hotel and pricey, although they do have satellite buildings at lower pricing, is the Contemporary, one of its main advantages, often over looked, its walking distance to Magic Kingdom, likely to be your main focus point. Regardless, the pluses of staying at at any Disney hotel, are significant.

Try to schedule meals/breaks during heat of day, Contemporary allows easy walk back to room, for mid day dining, nap, a dip in the pool, etc

The Monorail should only be ridden ONCE, also ask to sit in drivers compartment, but you must ask. Monorail is a great way to warehouse waiting people. The steamboat transportation should only be used if needed, at end of the day. Driving your own car around to the parks is most "time" efficient, later in the day after the masses arrive, you can often drive to front of the lot and get an empty parking space.

Epcot should be visited, but other then night time fireworks, not sure there is a lot of age appropriate entertainment in rear of Park, front part can be seen in 1/2 a day.

Given the option, take the left waiting line.

At magic Kingdom, best to be in the park before rides open, every minute saved in the morning saves 10? minutes of waiting when all the crowds arrive finally near lunchtime. Country bear Jamboree, Pirates of Caribbean, Haunted house are nice places timed right to cool off.

The Old MGM is my second favorite suggestion, takes a whole day.
Splitting parks up each day, also keeps fresh. Animal Kingdom is fun and third for your age group.

I have not attended in 8? years, as all the kids are out of college and employed, so no useful info on new attractions from me, but I believe many of the basics above still apply.

I'm sure others have a lot to share.

Enjoy, let us know how it goes.

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I don't think there is no "peak" time anymore. Summertime might be the worst as far as crowds and heat. shocked
When our kids were young (late 80s into mid-90s) we discovered the first week of December was the best time to go. Told this by an employee and at that time it was. Rarely stood in line for anything and would sometimes not even have to get off if we wanted to go again.
Fast-forward to Dec. '16. Planned a trip with our daughter, SIL, and grandson. Absolutely awful. Wife had hurt her knee and was having to ride a scooter to get around. Hard to get around as so many people would push by her. Several times she was almost knocked off the scooter. Finally she rode our grandson in her lap while the rest of us surrounded her to keep people away from her. Helped getting on rides as we could take a shorter line as jcc mentioned.
Short story is be prepared for a lot of VERY RUDE people. frown

I hope I don't make you dread going. Maybe it was just that time for some reason. shruggy We were there 4 days and did not come close to seeing everything due to the crowds.
I wish you the very best on your trip and hope that you and especially your children have an extraordinarily good time. up

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#2512976 - 06/25/18 10:37 AM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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Epcot is great some good rides too. If you are there for that long Animal Kingdom will be fun. A couple of Day trips if you don’t want to do Disney the whole time is Homossasa Springs, especially if you go in the cooler months since the Manatee return there for fall and winter, the boat ride is nice too. Also, if you have boys the Space Center is close near Cocoa Beach, that is fun. At the parks use the fast pass, the Hall of Presidents is pretty cool at Disney.

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buy your fast passes early. Then reserve your rides long before you go. Popular rides book up weeks in advance during popular times. Do a search and look for the top rides you and your kids are interested in and reserve those now.

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We went last year in October and I will NEVER go then again. We waited for up to two hours in lines. The people that worked there were waiting in food lines (they were there on their off day). I heard them say they would be so upset if they had to pay to be there that day.. So I am not sure what I would pick for a time frame but to me that should be your biggest item to figure out. I have stayed at most of the larger resorts. The Polynesian has monorail service and has been recently revamped. The contemporary is very nice but also very pricey. My relatives just stayed at the Fort Wilderness Lodge which was very nice with a shuttle boat over to Disney that was never very full. Have fun!

#2513076 - 06/25/18 01:57 PM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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went last year, and every other year or so before that and disney land as well.

if you stay in the park, I think port orleans is the least expensive.
try to get a room near the bus stop.
west side I think gets picked up first, but dropped off last. but at least you won't be standing going to the park.
and if you wait late enough you won't be standing going back.

a lot of the amount of time you want to spend will depend on how much you are willing to put up with what your kids want to do vs what you want to do, and how late they can stay up.

Depending on time of year, it pretty much will rain every afternoon.
plan accordingly.

if you are willing to stay late you can pretty much ride any ride you want over and over again till the park closes. wait times to meet the princesses or fairies also goes to nothing at that time too.

the princess breakfast was worth it the first time around, but it is really fast. but my girls loved it since they got to get pictures with everyone of them.
don't fill up on the pastries and such, the real breakfast shows up later.

jedi training has to be signed up for in the morning as well. basically send one parent and then come back later.

we used to do like 5 days over 10 days. because we stay till the close down and don't get back to the room till like 1am and it takes till 2am to get the kids in bed.
we drag out the next day but never make it in before noon.

epcot for kids only really has the frozen stuff. they don't really care.
animal kingdom is great for them. and the tree thing at night they love.

magic kingdom is where we spent most of our time, but mostly because it stays open the latest.
They also have a magic game in that park where you get new magic spell cards every day you come back and fight bad guys in the park.
kids loved that and spend a lot of time runnning from screen to screen to see if they can beat them. or fighting over new cards.

for grownups maybe 3 days is enough, but for kids, they will spend all day doing the same thing over and over again and never get to the rest of the park.
I have ridden its a small world and winnie the pooh nearly 100 times each I am sure.
at night when no one is in line they just let you ride and not get off.

get the picture pass too. just one price for as many pictures as you can take with the park people taking the pictures.

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Originally Posted By Andrewh

I have ridden its a small world and winnie the pooh nearly 100 times each I am sure.
at night when no one is in line they just let you ride and not get off.

We were down the year they opened Tower of Terror. First of December and hardly anyone there. My daughter and I rode it 13 times in a row. I had to say no to 14 (or more) as I was getting motion sickness. laugh2

My wife wants to go back in a couple of years and take our grandson again. I'll have to remember the staying late part. up

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#2513101 - 06/25/18 03:20 PM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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The magic Kingdom is the best by far, IMHO. It's been several years since I went to Epcot, but i found nothing of interest at Epcot, except if I remember right, the tower of terror was there.
I would stay in a cabin at Fort Wilderness. You have some elbow room, and you get away from the crowds. 2 or 3 days should be plenty.

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we went a few years ago in january. Stayed off site at minnies town home. Could eat our own food. Had its own pool. Kids only got to swim one day as it was cold even for that area the rest of the time. The cost was alot cheaper than the official park places. We did animal one day. Epcot another day then tried to do magic and hollywood both in one day then went back for final day to magic. If we do it again will skip epcot and do more at hollywood. We did the one star wars themed fireworks at I think Hollywood one night. They had an area that you could watch the display from and eat and drink whatever you wanted. That was our one big splurge for the kids that we surprised them with. We spent an afternoon at disney springs shopping. We did do the fast pass on the rides the kids wanted to do. MAn that helped! We did not do any dining there other than the grab and go for a few things. We did bring in food in back packs that sure helped. The kids loved the pin trading too.
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oh yeah that reminds me of a few other things.
so the wife found a habachi place that was about the same price as eating regular habachi outside of the park. more than burgers but not that much more.

also you can order a meal deal thing at some italian place near ducky momo or somewhere near the mupets theater and get reserved "seating" for the imagination thing over the water at night instead of having to fight to find a place for you and the kids.

expect to have to hoist one on your sholders though. no body cares about the kids being able to see.

another cool thing is if you keep the reciept handy and your kid loses something you bought that day, they replace it no questions.

#2513225 - 06/25/18 07:21 PM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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Years ago, we stayed at the Disney All star resort hotels. They were clean and it was great for younger kids. Nothing luxury but nice. Epcot was my least favorite. The kids liked Hollywood and the Magic Kingdom the best. You can`t beat staying on Disney grounds for convenience.

#2513273 - 06/25/18 08:55 PM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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I stayed at the Four Seasons and it was amazing biggrin

If you want to pony up the bucks it has its own waterpark, and your reservation includes fastpass and extra magic hours early and late, with character breakfasts optional. I didn't visit Disney, but did go to the free Disney Springs laugh2





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Disney isgreat , plan your days out properly and you can have a blast. We get up early and get into the parks early it's worth it. I'd only do 1 park a day. Last couple time we did the meal plan, it's expensive but very convenient. The restaurants have good food. Not carny food. The resorts have restaurant which you can use the meal plan. Laua is cool at polynesian. I think it's 2 meal tickets. The Oktoberfest in epcot is also cool.
We drive down park the car and unless we go to gatorland or something we don't even use the car. Bus, boat, monorail. We have stayed a few times at port orleans. I like it. Cool for the kids. The boat ride is nice at night to Disney springs.

I'd do a day at magic, animal and epcot. Epcot is funny, if you don't actually relax and take it all in it can be boring. If you drink have a beer here and there as you walk it's a little more fun. forget where you are. the Last time we did a 2nd day at magic. Last time we went to Hollywood studios we didn't like it. But I think they just tore something down and were getting ready to start star wars. There isn't much for rides there, my kid did Jedi training which is cool, otherwise I felt ripped off. Other than that I really like the Disney parks and resorts. One day that we didn't do the park we had coupons for some mini golf next to the water park even that was good.

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We just moved to the Orlando area 3 months ago. I can't necessarily speak for any of the Disney Parks, but I can tell you that when we were here house shopping in February, we visited one of the waterparks (Aquatica, which is SeaWorld's waterpark) and loved it! It was not very busy, we liked it so much that we purchased season passes, we went once or twice a month from March - Memorial Day (including Memorial Day itself) and it was not busy at all. We went at the beginning of June and also again this past weekend and WOW, what a difference in the amount of people, even a line to get into the parking lot, we both said that had it been busy like this the first time we went, we probably would not have gotten season passes, so timing really is everything!

June 1 - November 1 is rainy season here (also hurricane season) so like many have said, it will rain pretty often in the afternoons, usually between 3 and 5 PM.

My co-workers have told me that Disney is awesome around Thanksgiving / Christmas time, but that it is very busy because everyone wants to be here for it.

My suggestion would maybe be to try sometime right after new years, maybe January or February, kids are still in school during that time of year which I understand, but if you can pull them out for a week or so, I'd do it!

We have friends that also live here and are huge Disney fans, they purchased the Tables in Wonderland card, I believe it is $150 but is good for 15 months worth of dining, and I believe it gets you 20% off at all of the Disney restaurants in the parks, this includes alcohol, I know theirs paid for itself after a few meals.

Check out Disney Springs one evening, lots of restaurants, some shops, there are several performers, and it is very kid friendly, parking is also free, and there is no admission to get in there. They even have a bowling alley and movie theater.

If you get a chance checkout Cocoa Beach which is about 45 min. to an hour away, or if you want to go to a gulf beach (less waves but more seashells) check out Clearwater which is approximately 90 minutes away.

Gatorland would also be a good recommendation for the kids, it is very kid friendly, the staff is great, and it is more than just alligators, definitely worth a few hours.

If you have any questions or if we can help you guys with anything while you are here please let me know!
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You need 2 days at the Magic Kingdom
1 day at Disney Studios
1 day at Epcot
1 day at Animal Kingdom
Allow for another day or 2 if you go to the water parks..

We think the best time to go is Late August or October because of smaller crowds...

Our favorite Moderate Resort is the Port Orleanes Riverside

Our favorite Deluxe is the Beach Club...


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We did Disneyland and Disneyworld when our girls were younger, maybe 15-20 years ago. We've been on MANY less expensive more enjoyable vacations since.

#2513769 - 06/27/18 12:28 AM Re: disney world [Re: btomasko]
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Everyone goes to see the Main Street Disney parade. While everyone is watching the parade there is less lines at the rides.


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