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#2464268 - 03/10/18 10:31 AM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: EV2Bird]
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Cudaman1969 you are describing the 2nd and 3rd round type hippies.
Think about (or listen to) Pete Seegar, Bob Dylan or maybe Joan Baez and type of message they were delivering and it will shed light on some of what was important to activists and the first wave of hipies.
It's much like burning man, if I understand the original guys that started the gathering no lnger attend, because of what it's becoe, not what it was intended.

#2464286 - 03/10/18 11:34 AM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: EV2Bird]
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I was born in 1963.
For me the most catastrophic event of the 60's was when I broke the glass in my "Snoopy" lunchbox vacuum Thermos bottle on my first full day of school in 1969.


#2464351 - 03/10/18 02:07 PM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: EV2Bird]
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My only lunch box memory was look on the school bullys face just before mine slammed him up side the head. I believe I was in second grade and the guy changed course after that event. I found out later David Chetti (sp?) was disturbed because his dad was dying. We became pretty good friends and I think the event and my friendship helped he through the tough times. Always wondered how he did later in life.

#2464626 - 03/11/18 07:51 AM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: RS23U1G]
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Originally Posted By RS23U1G
Originally Posted By 2boltmain
I was born in 69.

You missed all the good stuff:

Couple random assassinations...

Civil discord...


And hippies...

On the flip-side, I remember the car dealership windows getting soaped-up before the 1969 new model releases...

Not to mention being able to BUY a '69 car in '69... . . . . .

#2464795 - 03/11/18 01:58 PM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: EV2Bird]
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My impression of Hippies was a dirty, sloppy and lazy person that did not want to work, preferred to beg for money and just hang out with other losers smoking pot.
Did they win?
We have more losers living in the street than ever before.
We have more people waiting every month for a check.
Idiots have decriminalized Marijuana use and legalized it in several states.
If these infected scabs of society win, every productive member of society loses at the same time.

#2464895 - 03/11/18 06:16 PM Re: Have the hippies won? [Re: wingman]
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My oldest 1st cousin was a certified 100% pure hippie in the late 60's.
She and her boyfriend (later husband) were into psychedelic drugs/ music/
hippie clothes/long hair..everything. But she accidently got pregnat in 1970, they decided to get married, and settle down and live the "suburban life" with full time jobs, a house...etc.
So, I would say they gave into society's peer pressure and "lost"
their fight to rebel I guess. pity
"Get busy living or get busy dying"....

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