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At least the new 2500's still have a column shift! boogie

Ya know, I really like my '14, but the dang dial-a-gear shifter on it is for the freakin' birds!

Mine is just a 2-wheel-drive, and recently here in NC we had a 10" snowfall. Yes seriously. Luckily it happened over a weekend, and the roads to and from work were pretty clear by Monday. So I drove it to work, actually drove to pick up a coworker and bring him in, worked a fairly full day, then took him home, drove home and promptly got the truck stuck in my own driveway!

I grew up in Iowa, I learned early about rocking a car back in forth in the snow to get it unstuck. Just TRY doing that with a dial-a-gear! You can't! And when you try, the stupid thing will talk to you—"you shifted too quickly to change gears". Insane, dang computer controlled s**t! mad

Wait until you get in a "panic" situation like doing a U-turn on a busy road only to find you can't cut it enough, then you quickly need to find reverse, then drive again (Y-turn). GOOD LUCK! I guarantee you, you will not find the selection you need when in a situation like this! Happened to me & that was the day I learned right then I HATED the dial-a-gear.
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