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#1246220 - 06/06/12 10:28 AM EGR valve on 5.7 Hemi....
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I have a 2003 5.7L Hemi out of a truck. I was going to use it in my '54 Dodge truck,but plans have changed. Now, a buddy needs an engine for his 2004 3/4 ton Dodge.
Problem is...the 2004 used an EGR valve on the right cylinder head, where as the 2003 does NOT have an EGR and the head is not drilled thru to the exhaust port for the EGR.
I'm wondering what would happen if we use the 2003 engine in the 2004 truck, mount the EGR valve on the face of the head and have it all hooked up to the vacuum and electrical.
Wold the PCM throw an EGR code and turn on the CEL? Or would the system still think that an EGR is hooked up?
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#1246221 - 06/06/12 09:10 PM Re: EGR valve on 5.7 Hemi.... [Re: superwrench]
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It probably set a low flow dtc and turn on the check engine light because the MAP sensor wouldnt show any change in the vacuum signal. However it shouldnt really cause any driveability concerns. I would try it...
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