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#355035 - 06/22/09 07:13 PM 727 ID and Q's...

Okayyy... I finally got around to grabbing a trans out of storage for a long awaited rebuild.

I need to ID this Trans/Valvebody before I go spending money I don't have on parts that won't work.

I only found a few numbers stamped on the pan rail and a few casting numbers on the case.

I was hoping someone could decode it and maybe answer a few Q's.

The previous owner said it came out of his 68 charger.

Trans Case Pan rail: G2538334 2425030

Part number: 2466900 on main case body, 2466901 on tail shaft.

There were also some box type date codes but the case is still a little too dirty to ID those (started with 65 and had dots into 9 or 10 of the boxes).

There was no valvebody with that trans when I bought it (previous owner was keeping it).

Can I use any valvebody I want or does each trans use particular valvebodies?

I also have a valvebody from a smallblock 727, will that VB work in the trans I am trying to ID?

Here are the numbers from that smallblock 727 VB...

Part # on top side of VB: 3410925 (has wheel type date code 06/1971)

Part # on bottom side of VB: 3410435

Number stamped on separator plate: 10225/1000041

I also plan to use a Trans-go TF2 if that makes a difference with the valvebody choice.

Last Q... what's the best rebuild/master rebuild kit with the best parts for the money? who's the best to shop with?
I plan to put this trans behind a mild 440, have no idea how many hp but I'm sure will produce way, way, wayyy less than 600hp.


#355036 - 06/22/09 07:37 PM Re: 727 ID and Q's...
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The trans is a 66 originally for a 361/383.

I have the same one. Remember that 66 has the course spline as opposed to 67-later fine spline if you are going with an aftermarket TC.

#355037 - 06/22/09 07:46 PM Re: 727 ID and Q's... [Re: newbee69]
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Also first year for external shift lever.
Will only have 3 pinion planetaries.
Old style rear servo piston.
Original VB has a restrictor orifice that delays manual 1-2 upshift. But that doesnt matter cuz you dont have original VB.

I really am not sure if you can use that other VB with this tranny.

Somebody will chime in to answer that one tho.

#355038 - 06/23/09 07:08 AM Re: 727 ID and Q's... [Re: newbee69]

#355039 - 06/23/09 02:48 PM Re: 727 ID and Q's...
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The valve body with the steel separator plate stamped 10225/1000041 is probably gold colored from a B&M Shift Improver kit. This plate might not be compatible with the TF-2 kit so you'd be better off to get an untouched VB.

For a '66 trans you would want a '66-70 VB but a '71-'73 will work.

Makco is a good source for quality rebuild parts at good prices.
I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.


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