Parts For Sale - Classic/Streetrods - 1st Quarter

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Parts For Sale - Classic/Streetrods - 1st Quarter - 12/31/17 02:11 PM

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Re: Parts For Sale - Classic/Streetrods - 1st Quarter - 12/31/17 07:49 PM

Summit racing electric fan G4904, 16"S-blade(16-3/4x16-1/4x4-1/4)2010cfm flow.Never used on my project,my loss is your gain,$110+S&H Bill at or PM. Thanks for free ads Moparts!

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Re: 33 Plymouth Fiberglass Front Fenders for sale - 01/01/18 11:04 AM

1933 Plymouth Fiberglass Front Fenders. fit short wheelbase cars. Original AI Fiberglass out of Maryland [i think] bought in the early 80's. these have the inner splash shields included. They have never been mounted, although there are a couple small pieces cut out [which i have saved] for trial fit around where the upper control arms are. decided to go fender less, so now i don't need these. New from Speedway are $249 each. I'll take $225 for the pair. Pics available on request. I would rather not ship. Location : Brookville, Pa. PM me here or : moparx at windstream dot net.
THANK YOU MOPARTS for the add ! up
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1930 Plymouth frame - 01/19/18 11:26 AM

I have a 1930 (I believe 1930)Plymouth bare frame.It is in excellent uncut original condition. Excellent for a restoration or hotrod project.
Located in Pittsburgh,PA 15229
PM,E-mail or call/text
(I can text or e-mail pics,too big to load here)
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Instrument clusters and other stuff - 02/14/18 03:30 PM

I have this collection of Instrument clusters I've been collecting for a few years. The time has arrived to send them to someone else.

Set 1 was purchased at a swap meet, so I have no idea if it actually functions. The dating of this cluster was what I was told and may or may not be correct. Prices are OBO, and do not include shipping from 61032.

1) 40s or early 50s Mopar. Cluster looks good and the temp gauge cap tube looks to be intact. $25

2) 39-47 Dodge truck. Speedo needle is broken, all the glass lenses are cracked. The temp gauge cap tube looks intact. Speedo, temp & oil pressure, and fuel & amp gauges. $20 This set was removed from a truck I purchased, condition is poor, and I have no idea if the gauges function.
PM me here. Gene

Cluster set # 1 has been sold! Gene
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Re: Instrument clusters and other stuff - 02/14/18 03:41 PM

Another instrument cluster, this one purchased online. Supposed to be an early 30s Mopar cluster. The speedo, temp, oil pressure, fuel, and amp gauges are all separate gauges that originally mounted in the dash from behind. The cover plate and the glass lens were attached from the front side. I built a steel housing to hold all the gauges in line with the front cover plate and glass lens. The temp gauge has the needle broken off (it was like that when I bought it), but the cap tube looks great. These are very nice looking gauges, but I don't know if they function correctly.
$75 obo, plus shipping. PM me here. Gene

This instrument set has been sold! Thanks Moparts! Gene
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Heater box - 02/14/18 04:00 PM

This is a no name heater box from a 30s-50s car or truck. It has the heater core (that holds an air pressure test and looks great) with a blower fan encased in a metal box. It has a couple of vent doors that open and close nicely, and there is a port to connect hoses to defrosted ducts (duct hoses not included).
Also included is a cable operated water valve with a small under dash panel that also has a blower switch. The cable functions well and opens and closes the water valve, and the valve holds air pressure through it operation range. I did not test the blower switch.
I came with a blower motor but it was the wrong shaft size. The existing motor may work, but the insulation on the wiring is really breaking up. It would require a motor with a 1/4" shaft. I have removed both the fan blades without damage, everything has be put back in proper location, but it would need to be dissembled to have the fan blade set screws tightened. The box heater would fit in a 10" x 10" x 10" area, with the mounting bolts and core hose attachments exceeding that area. $50 OBO + shipping. Pm me here. Gene
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Re: Parts For Sale - 1956 Chrysler New Yorker Transmission - 02/26/18 08:19 PM

Used 1956 trans from 354 hemi with torque converter, local pickup. $200
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Re: new 37-38 plymouth tail light base gaskets - 02/28/18 10:55 AM

pair of new 1937-38 plymouth tail light base gaskets. i don't remember who the manufacturer was of these. very supple, and never bolted up. $10 and shipped FREE to lower 48. if you want pics, just ask.
PM me here or : moparx at windstream dot net.
THANKS MOPARTS for the add ! bow
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Re: new 37-38 plymouth tail light base gaskets - 03/02/18 12:38 AM

1958 Desoto taillight set

My email is