273 rockers

Posted by: DusterKid

273 rockers - 02/09/18 01:25 PM

To change the factory style 273 rocker arms to a adjusting screw and lock nut, what if anything needs to be done to the rocker arm?
Posted by: poboyengineering

Re: 273 rockers - 02/09/18 01:41 PM

Just spot face the area where the nut will rest.
Posted by: DusterKid

Re: 273 rockers - 02/10/18 04:36 PM

I'm assuming the spot face is to help the nut sit flush? Does it have to be done on a lathe or could a sanding belt be good enough?
Posted by: poboyengineering

Re: 273 rockers - 02/10/18 05:15 PM

I did mine on a mill. I suppose you could do it on a drill press with a center cutting end mill. And yes, it's to give the nut a flat to tighten against.
Posted by: jwb123

Re: 273 rockers - 02/10/18 05:17 PM

Where do you buy the replacement adjusters? I got a set of those rockers in my junk.
Posted by: poboyengineering

Re: 273 rockers - 02/10/18 05:37 PM

Isky sells them, among others.
Posted by: cdp

Re: 273 rockers - 02/11/18 11:40 PM


The factory adjusters are a tapered thread. All you have to do is chase them with a good 5/16-18 or 3/8-24 tap (can't remember which) to finish them out.

I've done 1 set already, but haven't spot faced them yet.
Posted by: therocks

Re: 273 rockers - 02/14/18 02:37 PM

My old Sig Ersons were interference fit.They finally started backing off after 30 plus years.Bought MP adjusters and they fit perfect.Still running them and adjust maybe once every 2 years.Rocky