Cuda rear quarter patch panel

Posted by: Purestocker

Cuda rear quarter patch panel - 03/08/18 08:06 AM

Hello all, I am repairing the left rear quarter panel behind the tire on my 71 cuda, I have ordered a few reproduction panels before and have been less than pleased with some, but sometimes cheaper can be better, AMD gets 160.00 for the patch and goodmark is only 60.00? Is there a big quality difference? Does one work out better than the other? The last AMD parts I bought were Cuda Fenders and a header panel and the fit was poor on the fenders, side market was stamped in crooked and the header panel was 1/4 wider on one side than the other? Don’t get me wrong you can make all of these work with time spent on them but I paid more for these pieces expecting a little better, thanks for the input in advance
Posted by: AARCONV

Re: Cuda rear quarter patch panel - 03/08/18 12:26 PM

Just make sure the panels have the rear valance stamped into it
Posted by: Morty426

Re: Cuda rear quarter patch panel - 03/08/18 02:29 PM

Everything I ever got from Goodmark went into a trash can
Posted by: Silver70

Re: Cuda rear quarter patch panel - 03/08/18 09:50 PM

I use a lot of goodmark panels and very happy with it. It all needs work to be perfect. I couldn't get full goodmark cuda quarters last summer and used amd... they did not fit right to the original deck filler. Also thicker than oem which can be an issue also. Goodmark floors from rockauto are less than half of amd and same thickness as oem.