Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter

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Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 12/31/17 03:26 PM

Posted by: 440mopar

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 12/31/17 07:41 PM

Big block parts wanted:

A nice big block cast crank two groove pulley for my 1972 400. I would like a pulley that is specifically for a cast crank so that it has the proper bolt hole spacing.

A 383-400 high rise throttle bracket kit and return spring bracket.

I am also looking for the following 1967 440 engine parts:

Carter AFB carb. #4327S
Correct carb to intake bolts
Correct Carter AFB carb choke with choke housing bolts
Automatic trans. distributor #2642748
Fan clutch #2806070
1967 dated alternator with single groove pulley
Two groove crank pulley

fourfortymopar at yahoo.com
Posted by: PurpleBeeper

Wanted - 440 Crank Drilled for 4-Speed - 01/05/18 11:12 PM

I'm looking for a forged 440 crank that has the pilot bushing hole drilled. I'm in the St.Louis area and can drive to meet you. What do you have?

FOUND ONE --> Thanks Moparts
Posted by: PurpleBeeper

Re: Wanted - 440 Crank Drilled for 4-Speed - 01/15/18 12:41 PM

I'm trying to find an inexpensive aluminum 440 six pack intake. I don't need a "dated A-12" and am just looking for something cheaper than new/aftermarket.

Found one..thanks Moparts
Posted by: Sledge_57

Re: Wanted - Carb for 70 RR - 01/15/18 05:36 PM

Posting for a friend. Looking for a Holley R4736-1A (part number 3512 964) for a 1970 Roadrunner.

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Re: Wanted - 69 Date Coded Starter Barrel - 01/16/18 06:48 PM

Looking for a black 69 date coded starter barrel Part #2875560 with a date stamp 419 - 479. Please lmk what you have and how much you are asking.

Plz pm or email: Falbz@aol.com
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Re: Wanted - 69 Date Coded Starter Barrel - 01/17/18 09:35 AM

Got em, thanks Shatar!!!
Posted by: moparjohn

BB 383-440 rocker shaft spacer rings & hold down hardware - 01/17/18 01:08 PM

I am trying to complete some factory BB 383-440 rocker arm assemblies. I have a few that are missing the spacer rings between the rockers. I am also missing some hold down hardware. I have attached a picture of the parts I'm looking for. This is a low budget project so I don't want any one pulling their complete sets apart as that will not move us forward overall. Just looking for oddball parts and pieces from blown engines or engines where hardware has been upgraded. I will pay 50 cents a piece for the spacer rings and the bolts and a dollar a piece for the hold down brackets. I will be at the Chicagoland Mopar Connection Swap on February 18th to save shipping on these small items. You can contact me at: moparjohn@frontier.com
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Wanted - Big Block 6qt Pan + 3/8" Oil Pickup Tube - 01/18/18 01:12 PM

I'm looking for a big block 6qt. oil pan + 3/8" pickup tube long enough (& fits) the pan. This is basically the "hemi/six-pack" size pan with the smaller diameter 440 pickup. It can be a stock or aftermarket set.

This is for a 70-body with a skid plate on the engine cross-member.


Posted by: dart4forte

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/05/18 05:04 PM

Looking for a bigblock A body distributor, part number 2875359, need it to be in good condition enough to where it can be restored. This dizzy should be a cast iron housing.
Posted by: GLR

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/06/18 04:02 PM

Wanted/looking for a good used set of the earlier Mopar Stage VI heads, the one's that when you installed them on a B engine (383/400 block) you used an RB (440) intake...or if you had the heads on a 440/RB engine you had to use the spacer plates and the RB intake. I know I can buy better heads than these old Stage VI heads... but it is for a specific application.
Thank you!
Posted by: DBCooper

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/08/18 11:12 AM

WANTED - 509 lift Purple shaft hydraulic cam and lifters if available for a B/RB engine New or used will be fine

Thanks in advance !!
Posted by: cudacar340

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/09/18 02:41 PM

looking for a 1 groove crank pulley for 383 or 440, not crusty or pitted bad
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Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/09/18 07:28 PM

Needing a 400 dipstick and tube for a c body. Must be willing to ship. Paypal preferred. Thanks!

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/11/18 09:05 AM

I'm looking for a set of new or good used 426 MW pistons, L2184 or L2208. I need .005, .020 or .030 over. Please PM me here if you can help.

Thanks for the ad.
Posted by: Transman

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/14/18 12:08 PM

Need one adjustable rocker arm for B/RB - see image.

Either style - with interference fit adjuster or locknut style.

Please PM with cost.
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Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/15/18 03:45 PM

Wanted - set of standard wedge aluminum rocker stands.
Don't need the maxwedge stands.

Just plain old standard stands.

PM me if you have a set you are interested in selling, include price.
Posted by: Harry williams

Re: Wanted - Big Block Engine - 1st Quarter - 02/20/18 09:14 PM

I am looking for a 1970 F383 HP engine with a install date around March. Someone had one posted here in the 4th quarter last year. If you still have it please contact me or anyone else that can help. All help appreciated. Thanks Harry