For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter

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For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 09/30/17 09:50 PM

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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/01/17 04:19 PM

Small block engine to transmission brackets. Creats a more solid engine/transmission assembly.

$50 plus shipping

Mesa, AZ
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/01/17 08:06 PM

Cal Custom El Toro air cleaner wing nut. $5

Used chrome thermostat housing. $5

Four new extra wide chrome valve cover hold down clamps. $10 for the set

New exhaust manifold heat stove to air cleaner hose. $20

Original Cal Custom 14" finned aluminum air cleaner with filter. $100

Original Cal Custom 9" finned air cleaner top and base. No filter. $75

1970 Style single nipple oil breather with hose. $35

New 12" oval 4 barrel finned aluminum air cleaner with filter. It measures 12" L x 8 1/4" W x 3" H and has a 5 1/8" carb opening. $60

AC alternator bracket from a mid 70s 360. $15

Good used intake to water pump crossover hose from a mid 70s 360 with AC. $5

Small block passenger side biscuit motor mount bracket. $30

137 New Spectre brand radiator and heater hose clamp covers. Some chrome, some red and some blue anodized. Various sizes. $50 for the lot.

New Cloyes C-3028 small block Mopar timing chain. $25

Carb. throttle linkage stud. $10

Two 318 driver side spool motor mounts pt#3642811. One is used and one is NOS. $20 for the used. $35 for the NOS.

Pair of factory small block valve covers. Not sure of year. Nice shape. $75

1971 318 intake & 2 barrel carb. $100

Email: gt340 at
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Small Block Crower Solid Roller Cam - Used - 10/02/17 10:54 PM

I have a Crower solid roller in great condition. This was used in a street strip engine for a couple of summers. Excellent street roller. Strong midrange power. Part number is 31406Specs from Crower are as follows:
Lobe center 112
Advertised Duration: Intake / Exhaust 270 / 280
Duration @ .050" Lift: Intake / Exhaust 236 / 246
Lobe Lift: Intake / Exhaust .367 / .365
Rocker Ratio: Intake / Exhaust 1.5 / 1.5
Gross Valve Lift: Intake / Exhaust .550 / .548
Low RPM 2500
Peak HP 6000
Redline 6500

Level 4 camshafts are designed for heavily modified engines. They have a definate lope at idle and are best suited for dual purpose hot street/drag strip, hot marine and oval track applications.

Recommended Modifications
Headers, dual exhaust, large cfm carburetor, performance ignition and increased compression of 10.25:1 and above is required. Cylinder head modifications would be beneficial. Use with automatic transmission with high stall torque converter or manual transmission. Close attention to proper ring and pinion gear set and tire diameter is imperative.

Product Characteristics
Definate lope at idle. These grinds exhibit strong mid-range to top end toque and horsepower.
Price is $200 shipped in the lower 48 states.
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Small Block Fluidampr - New - 10/02/17 10:56 PM

I have a new small block fluidampr that I purchased but will not be using. I purchased this a number of years ago and has been boxed and on the shelf.

Price is $375 shipped to the lower 48 states.

Contact for more information
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360 4 Bold Main Caps - New - 10/02/17 10:57 PM

I have a new 4 bolt main cap kit Mopar Performance part # P5249675 for 360 engines. These are the same main caps used for Mopar R series race blocks. They are ductile iron. They are a superior material to stock caps and use more material for strength. You can use these on a stock 360 block without using the outer bolt holes. Some builders cut off the outer 2 bolts for ease of installation. A great upgrade for stroker engine builds. Kit comes with 4 caps and bolts.

I have attached an example of what they look like when installed with the outer 2 bolts machined off. I used a similar 340 main kit (middle 3 caps only and sI did not have the first cap) on a 340 stroker I built.

This 360 main cap kit lists for $180 on summit. I will sell it for $140 shipped in the lower 48 states.

Contact me at with questions
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W2 & W5 Mopar Cylinder Head HS Roller Rocker Arm Kit-New - 10/02/17 10:59 PM

For sale is a new set of small block Mopar Harland Sharp aluminum roller rocker arms, shafts and blocks for the W2 and W5 Mopar Performance cylinder heads. Intake and exhaust rockers are 1.5 All rockers, shafts and blocks are new. These rockers can be used on W2 heads with milled pedistals and W5 small block Mopar cylinder heads.
Part number S70025W2k.

Description from the HS site and some links are below.

* Needle bearing allow for more oil flow to the rockers.
* Oil restrictors may be necessary to maintain oil pressure.
* Rockers are designed for big lift cams requiring .100 to .150 taller valves.
* Rocker shafts are drilled to allow for 3/8 mounting hardware.
* Rocker spring clearance is limited to 1.500 if more spring clearance is
required, contact our customer service department to discuss your options.
* W2/W5 Race kits come with .180 offset shafts & stands.
Harland Sharp needle bearing, single shaft mount, rockers for Small Block
Chrysler are like no other on the market. The only shaft rocker of this style to feature heavy duty needle bearing fulcrums matched with specially heat treated, heavy wall, rocker shafts. Harland Sharp Mopar kits are designed for extreme applications with valve springs up to 1.500 diameter and .900 lift cams. The
7/16-20 x 5/16 ball adjusters are designed for use with the factory style pushrods, length to be determined after you have rockers installed. Harland Sharp SB Mopar kits require taller valves. Approximately .100-.150 are necessary for correct geometry but sometime lash caps can be used. Kits include rocker arms, shafts, spacers, rocker stands, adjusters and nuts. See our instruction link for replacement and service parts #s.

New price for kit including rockers, shafts and blocks is $1,180 at summit. I will sell my new set for $975 shipped in the lower 48 states. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

Email for more information.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 04:06 PM

Rebuilt 360 -1972 block..030 over,10/10 mains,internal balance crank,new pistons,cam,lifters,timing chain,intake,water pump,fuel pump,6qt pan,windgage tray,arp bolts,dampner.Heads-New springs,retainers locks,stainless valves,mild port work,cam degreeded in,professionally assembled.Comp cam 510 at.50 nu. 20-225-4 Mopar intake pt.p4452883 Also have rebuilt 727 small block trans withturbo action conv 2500 stall.Like to sell as a package deal.Was going to put in my 34 Dodge truck and decided to go with old school 392 hemi.$3.800 for everything.Trades considered B.B Race parts, 440-654-8431 Ask for Rich.Thanks for ad Moparts.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 05:18 PM


NEW Mopar Performance .557 Solid Camshaft 273 318 340 360


Still has there protective coating and yellow paper wralower 48 usa only.

PM me here. THANKS!

I purchased it approx 7 months ago, used a comp cam I had and needed the lifters from the .557 kit.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 06:02 PM

for sale new roller rockers for small block 273-340-360 bought them at JEGS there streetmasters have used them before no problems decide to go with hyd cam this time get 1.5 rockers,new shafts,spacers,hold downs,bolts,and locks i pd over $250. with tax buy these for $190. shipped dont need
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 07:43 PM

Comp Cams 273 318 340 360

Comp Cams 305AH-8 Camshaft
Comp Cams 822-16 Lifters

$250 Shipped Lower 48 only

PM me here.

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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 07:46 PM

New Mopar Performance Cam Kit P4120231 284/284 lift 484/484 Dur 239@50 108 68 Overlap

Cam and Lifters $235 shipped usa lower 48 only

PM me here. Thanks.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/06/17 09:47 PM

Mopar M-1 dual plane intake manifold,fits magnum heads. Excellent condition. 180.00 Sold pending payment

Edelbrock 7576 RPM airgap dual plane intake manifold. Excellent condition 200.00 SOLD

Mopar M1 single plane magnum intake new. 275.00 with free ground shipping

PM me with any questions

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Two R1 blocks for sale - 10/09/17 05:32 PM

2 Mopar race R1 small blocks

R1 low deck small block
9.095 deck
4.085 bore
4-bolt mains
48' lifter
Bushed lifters
50 mm cam bearings
Has extra head bolts
$1700 with 2 new 50mm cam cores.

R1 tall deck block
Uncut tall deck
4.030 bore
4 bolt mains
48' lifter bore
Extra head bolts have been milled off.
Bushed lifters
New cam bearings in box

Please pm me for details, thanks Mark
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Magnum 318 crate motor - 10/09/17 10:51 PM

Magnum 318 pump gas crate motor. Never fired.

New pistons, file fit rings, bearings, .485 lift hydraulic flat tappet cam/lifters and timing set. Resized rods with ARP bolts, rod/main crank journals polished. Rotating assembly fully balanced, bearing clearances verified with mic/bore gauge, cam degreed in. The Magnum heads have had a valve job and been fully ported, new seals all guides checked/replaced if needed. Valve spring heights have been equalized.

Peak HP close to 400HP can be achieved with 89 octane with a 750 cfm carb and headers. The heads and cam would also work well with exhaust manifolds but power output would not be as high. The intake is actually not yet torqued down so an air-gap style or single-plane M1 intake can be used if you prefer(I have all three).

This 318 does not have a smooth idle but it will smooth out quickly as revs increase off-idle . A high stall converter is not really required, something in the 2K range would be ok for street use. Many stock 318 torque converters were designed for this RPM range.

I have personally ported the heads, checked clearances and assembled this motor.

$3375 (less if you can use your own valve covers, intake or distributor.)

I do have a run-in stand if you need to hear it run.

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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/12/17 05:11 PM


340 short block engine, All new parts, forged pistons, steel crank (standard) balanced assembly. 70 block 2300.00

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360 Crankshaft - $25 - 10/15/17 01:00 PM

I have a spare 360 crankshaft from my engine prior to stroking it. It's just been sitting in my garage and I'll probably never use it. It may need to be polished. $25 cash takes it!

PM me if interested. Will not ship. Located in SoCal. Can deliver to Fall Fling.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/17/17 07:12 PM

A pair of mopar exhaust flange gaskets part number 3818115 $12.00 Shipped US PM me.
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Mallory Distrutor - 10/18/17 02:36 PM

I bought this distributor new 3 years ago. It works flawless. It comes with a Mallory circuit guard, and a spare rotor. $250. includes shipping to the lower 48 states.
You may contact me here. Thanks.......Ted
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2531915 340 4bbl intake OEM - 10/19/17 07:50 PM

OEM 1968 or 1969 340 intake manifold

casting 2531915

close up of date code and casting # shown

good condition, it had been hot-tanked and painted years ago and never used. All machined surfaces and threads look good, oil shield is there.

$145 plus shipping

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SB solid cam and lifters (barely used) - 10/21/17 08:44 PM

Custom solid cam and EDM lifters (purchased from Scott Brown) and ran less than an hour in a stroker 360 small block. The owner decided he wanted something with a little more idle lope and would tolerate less vacuum even if he needed a vacuum pump.

Broken-in by a pro and I will vouch for the low usage time.

Solid Cam with matching EDM lifters (carefully boxed in-order) - $185 plus shipping

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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/22/17 01:02 PM

Bullet solid cam/ lifters. This is for a street/strip turbo sb mopar. Very low run time. 264@.020 232@.050 .470 with 1.5 rockers 114lsa. 200.00
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Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 4th Quarter - 10/23/17 01:19 PM

`71 340 short block, threw rod and needs 1 sleeve, at least one rod, crank may be salvageable but has damage, $350 or B.O. , pick up in Epping NH