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#62669 - 12/17/09 08:50 PM Re: Are 413 Engines really all that special? [Re: stumpy]
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All you have done is spout your opinion no matter what facts are presented to you. It's obvious we don't want to learn but that's okay. Live in the past if it suits you. Most of us here are quite happy with the modern engineering. My 4cyl PT cruiser will out run your stock 413s all day long.

Ok. That could be a fair assumption, since I favor
the turbo version of the PT cruiser. One could
never know how well they run. As far as facts are
concerned, I believe that a mill is a mill, and
anything can be made to run. I presented fact to
you even about "other makes" and you did not
comment about the 440's power then. Why is that? The mills back in the early sixties were simple to work on and respond
well to basic hop-up techniques. However, the technology used today can be used in building the 413 in a formidable mill. If, it is a has been
then Mopar performance should produce 440 spec
ONLY speed parts. I am not promoting EITHER MILL
I just believe in a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD TO RACE,
that's all. As for living in the
past, some great memories were there but I wouldn't run carbs. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I rather run fuel injection and a
overdrive tranny. Is that not "new world tech"
for you!!!
"Stupidity is Ignorance on Steroids"
"Yeah, it's hopped to over 160" (quote by Kowalski in the movie Vanishing Point 1970 - Cupid Productions)

#62670 - 12/17/09 09:38 PM Re: Are 413 Engines really all that special? [Re: Mobarge]
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Speaking of 413s, anyone want to decode the pad on mine?

J 413 TH

Casting date 5/5/73

There is no casting number on the block.

Look in the back along the bellhousing flange on the top, by the oil pressure sending unit, should have casting number 2658 836.

I'll take all of the industrial 413's you guys don't want. I haven't seen one yet that can't be bored to 4.25 and I have a couple that can be bored to 4.32.

#62671 - 12/17/09 10:00 PM Re: Are 413 Engines really all that special? [Re: HYPER8oSoNic]
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Heres a good one
Which is better
Only one choice allowed (21 total votes)
413 - 7 (33%)
361 - 1 (5%)
383 - 2 (10%)
Flathead Ford - 9 (43%)
383 RB - 2 (10%)
Voting on this poll ends: 0 seconds ago
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#62672 - 12/17/09 11:20 PM Re: Are 413 Engines really all that special? [Re: HYPER8oSoNic]
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First of all, my apologies for Reggies ignorance for taking a 68' production model and installing a mill whose production ended two years earlier.
To the HARDCORE street racers, class racers and drag enthusiasts, I apologize for HIS OVERSIGHT ON HIS HISTORY.

Gee HYPER, did I get under your collar? What you should be apologizing for is your unwarranted personal attack. As another poster observed, you do have a bad habit of resorting to put-downs when your reasoning is called into question. It's ok to disagree, but personal attacks are childish. Before you start spouting off about who is ignorant, you should take a reading comprehension course:

1) I grew up around Mopars from the 50s on, so I know a little history. My statement was that there were no 413 Road Runners. My point was that Chrysler stopped using the 413 in performance applications for a reason - it was ancient history. The 440 was the new top dawg wedge engine as far as Chrysler was concerned. Car production was not a hobby - it was a business, and Chrysler was in it to sell cars and make money. They knew that whatever won races on Sunday would sell in the showrooms on Monday. You are also either uninformed about when 413 car production ended, or there is an OVERSIGHT in your math. 1965 was the last year for the 413 in passenger cars - not 1966.

2) Go back and read my statement on the Cadillac - slowly. I'll interpret it for you; They added weight to it using passengers and other junk to get the total weight to 6700+ lb for the baseline test. I don't really care if you don't believe the test. It was a simple test of power vs. weight using a Cadillac stocker and the results are the results.

As I said, I'm done with further discussion on this useless topic. I'm sure that you're not, but do this board a favor and be civil. Personal attacks are uncalled for and unnecessary.

#62673 - 12/17/09 11:50 PM Re: Are 413 Engines really all that special? [Re: Reggie]
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Have a good night...jeez, you guys could argue about anything.

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