Well, I finally had my rebuilt power steering pump and X-tra Firm steering box from Steer and Gear installed today. My original intention for the mechanical resto of my car is complete
As far as the steering box is concerned, it's not quite what I had expected. It is FIRMER for sure as far as the amount of input needed to turn the wheel. Kinda nice, but the other aspects of the steering that I was not too crazy about still seem to be there.

I still have a bit of a no-zone right on center. Have to turn the wheel at least a bit to "take up the slack" so to speak before an actual change in direction of even a slight steering correction can be accomplished.

The steering actually seems non-linear as far as effort is concerned. Seems to turn a bit more easily the farther the wheel is turned from center. More steering occurs for a given effort than when the wheel is closer to center.

I definately would not want to autocross this car! I'm much more satisfied with the suspension changes.

I drove pretty fast on some decent roads with little traffic today. A "new" 300, kinda customized out gave me a bit of a run. I followed it pretty closely up until about 80 mph. My car was a little bit of a handful passing other cars and going around curves trying to keep up. One time I saw him change lanes at about 85 or so...no problem. I was following at 80 and had to constantly anticipate any move so I could take up the slack in the steering.