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#2609691 - 01/20/19 10:06 PM Any Ford Techs on here?
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Looking at a couple of trucks. Both F250's. One is a standard cab, 4WD and has the 5.4 (2009). Other is an extended cab, 4WD, (2011) and has a 6.2. Really will be a minimal use truck. Is the 5.4 a total dog or can I count on it towing anything? Would be a plow truck and general use. I would guess the 6.2 would not have any issues. I know nothing about the newer Fords as my old truck is a '96. Any good/bad for either?
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#2609701 - 01/20/19 10:29 PM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: oldjonny]
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Not much help. All I can tell ya is I have a '13 F150 FX4 with the 5.0/6spd auto. 50k on it now with zero issues.Put a tune on it from to clean up the factory shifts and it's been great.

#2609773 - 01/21/19 07:23 AM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: oldjonny]
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I had a 2010 F250 2wd crew cab short bed as a company vehicle for awhile. It was a nice truck.

It had a 5.4 in it, it was kind of a dog but not tragic. It towed my car on an open trailer way better than I thought it would have. I put 50K miles on it, towed my car several times, and put 3000-4000lbs of stuff in the bed often. I had zero trouble with it.

I tried to find one like it to buy as my personal truck but could't find one. Its option level with a gas motor and 2wd was rare.
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#2609841 - 01/21/19 10:22 AM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: oldjonny]

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I'm curious about the 6.2 also

#2609849 - 01/21/19 10:40 AM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: JAMESDART]
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Originally Posted By JAMESDART
I'm curious about the 6.2 also

My Boss had a 14 F250 with the 6.2. It wasn't bad. We pulled a 14,000lb trailer with it many times while our diesel truck was getting serviced. It would hold 6000RPM up a hill for long periods and never miss a beat.
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#2610091 - 01/21/19 07:02 PM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: oldjonny]
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The 6.2 has been a good engine.. A few reports of broken valve springs--but very few. I have the 6.2 in a crew cab long box f250.2011 variety. Like any other newer truck they are striving for fuel economy so any load, they will downshift frequently. Yes, I am a ford tech also.. I would get the 6.2 before the 5.4. I currently have around 102,000 on mine. Kevin


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#2610963 - 01/23/19 09:12 AM Re: Any Ford Techs on here? [Re: oldjonny]
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Rust...on all the little stupid things like trans lines P/S lines etc. I even have a coustomer that broke the front drive shaft because the tube rotted. seems they finely addressed the brake lines. but ford Still cant seem to get a handle on exhaust manifolds...they will break studs and leak rot and leak and just generally leak and they SUCK to fix. I fix so many fords that I bought a second home in florida. That said I think fords are junk but so are a lot of other brands including dodge and chevy they all have very poor engineering. No wonder the car companys are sucking wind. One more thing im sure your going to buy this thing, CHANGE YOUR OIL! That is the most important maintance item for your over engineered engine. use good oil. cant stress it enough

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