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#2517360 - 07/04/18 09:10 AM Re: Dakota clip- who has done and retained the EFI? [Re: flyman]
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i would like to have a copy of diagram. thanks, jim

#2517771 - 07/04/18 10:34 PM Re: Dakota clip- who has done and retained the EFI? [Re: flyman]
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Originally Posted By flyman

Keep these PINs per a 94 dakota service manual

1 map sensor
2 ECT sensor
3 Battery feed
4 sensor return
6 5v supply
7 8v supply
9 Ignition feed
10 not needed with 727
11 Ground
12 Ground
13 Inj Driver4
14 Inj Driver3
15 Inj Driver2
16 Inj Driver1
17 Inj Driver7
18 Inj Driver8
19 Ign Coil Driver
20 Gen Feild Driver
21 Air Temp Sensor
22 TP Sensor
24 Reference Pickup
25 Data link
27 AC compressor (if keeping AC)
29 Brake sense (if keeping cruise)
30 P/N switch
32 MIL
33 VSS (if keeping dakota cruise) we got rid of)
34 AC WOT relay (if keeping ac- we got rid of)
35 EGR Solenoid (we deleted EGR)
37 Trans OD light (we got rid of)
38 Inj Driver5
39 IAC
40 IAC
41 Heated O2 Sensor
43 Tach (we kept)
44 CMP sensor
45 Data llink
47 VSS pick up (we kept for now) KEEP 47-50, 53 keep if using dakota cruise
48 VSS set/coast (we got rid of)
49 VSS on/off (we got rid of)
50 VSS resume/accel
51 ASD relay and fuel pump relay driver
52 Evap purge (we got rid of)
53 VSS vent (we got rid of)
54 EMCC solenoid (we got rid of)
55 Trans OD solenoid (we got rid of) (keep if using 42rh or 46rh)
57 ASD bat supply
58 Inj Driver6
59 IAC
60 IAC
This is what I used to make mine work.

And pin#3 direct battery fused at 30 amps spliced to feed pins 30 of ASD and Pin 30 of fuel pump relay
Pin 9 IGN switched voltage spliced to feed 12v side of ASD and fuel pump relay.
Pin 11 and 12 grounds.
Pin 29 to brake switch
Pin 30 to park neutral switch
Pin 51 Switched ground wire to Pin 86 on ASD and fuel pump relay
Pin 57 pin on 87 on ASD relay
I also had a 1994 Dakota Service manual and a good understanding of
electronics. Hope this helps I think you may still find this in the tech archives also

Awesome. THANKS!!! up

#2518619 - 07/06/18 08:58 PM Re: Dakota clip- who has done and retained the EFI? [Re: CrAzYMoPaRGuY]
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Dont let the amount of wires scare you. I just hung the ECM end of the wires from the ceiling and saved all the sensor and feed wire wraps from the factory. You just need to feed the ECM power for memory and Ignition.
The 2 relays feed power to the fuel pump,And the ASD relay keeps things running if there is no problems. OBD1 is quite simple information in information out..

#2520999 - 07/12/18 11:13 AM Re: Dakota clip- who has done and retained the EFI? [Re: CrAzYMoPaRGuY]
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IIRC the 80's injected Chargers and maybe others used a speed sensor that connected to the trans and then the speedo cable connected to the sensor so you could have both. I don't know if they used the same counter though. But I think there are only 4 poles in the sensor. If you keep the speed sensor and brake light switch signals you won't have to use switches for the O/D and lockup.

I'm going to swap a complete 93 Ram Charger dash, engine, HVAC, fuel tank and wiring harnesses into my 74 crew cab. I plan to use everything from the RC including the steering column so mine should be easy. What I would like to do though is an OBD II swap for the engine management so I can modify the engine with an intake, cam and heads. The hot wire harness looks like an easy way to go but at $1000 it's pretty steep. Especially when you consider you still have to get a PCM and tune it as well. So it may remain stock for awhile.
The Scamp is sold, now just two old trucks.
'92 D250 Club Cab CTD, 47RH conversion, pump tweaks, injectors, rear disc conversion. Hydroboost coming soon
'74 W200 Crew Cab 360, NP435, D44, D60 and NP205 divorced transfer case. Magnum 5.2 MPI coming soon.

#2521228 - 07/12/18 08:10 PM Re: Dakota clip- who has done and retained the EFI? [Re: CrAzYMoPaRGuY]
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STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS SC108 is the sensor for older transmissions that lets you keep the cable and still have an electronic signal for the computer. But you'd need the pinion adapters to put into the 95 setup.

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