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#2520835 - 07/11/18 10:51 PM water temp question
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Seeing a lot of cooling questions lately since we have having hotter weather throughout the country. My question is what water temp do you feel comfortable with driving your car? When do you start getting nervous and shut it down?
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#2520863 - 07/11/18 11:54 PM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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I'd want no less than 180/185, not sure on an upper limit but here is a BTT for ya.
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#2520865 - 07/11/18 11:57 PM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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I start mitigating the situation if it gets much over 200, which my car rarely does. I’d pull over and shut it down once I feel it running differently than normal. Not sure where that would be, but probably around 225.
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#2520896 - 07/12/18 03:05 AM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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I get worried on my old pump gas street muscle cars over 230 F with anti freeze and a 14 Lb. pressure cap.
I have seen 240 F on my S/P bracket car on the return road this summer, it does not have a radiator either so keep that in mind, it runs on E85 and has two very small oil coolers with a electric water pump to circulate the coolant for the cooling system, it was that way when I got it realcrazy
You need to know that a lot of after market water temps gauges aren't real accurate, I use a infra red temp gun to verify all the ones I use now after finding out that one of my old high dollar Autometer mechanical race water temp gauge was off 40 F when warmed up runaway It would read 140 F and the coolant circulating in the radiator was actually under 100 F down

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#2520938 - 07/12/18 08:38 AM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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I start looking to cool it down if it gets 230°+.
210° on the highway running 3500+ rpm isn't uncommon for my car. It cools down the slower I go usually, unless I'm stuck in stop and go for a while. Probably needs more water pump, but the $600 one from Meziere is my only option now.
Have a BIG radiator and a fan that moves a LOT of air on it.

I got it up to 255° one time when I first put the hemi in the car...didn't hurt a thing.
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#2520946 - 07/12/18 08:50 AM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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Thanks for all the updates. Mine was getting up to 210 and I would shut it down. I got really nervous when I saw it. I guess I'm not used to it with this car. It's always run hot and that's why I limit the street driving. I'll have to monitor it more closely.
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#2520957 - 07/12/18 09:22 AM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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220-230 is the critcal point for me but it is seldom a problem.

On the track I try to hit the burnout box at 135-140. Thats an easy temp for me to get hit consistently.
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#2521093 - 07/12/18 02:21 PM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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Anything over 200 tells me you have a cooling issue or a mechanical problem. I prefer 180-185 for pump gas performance stuff because it helps with detonation.

These aren't emissions controlled junk. Keep the temp down below 200.
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#2521133 - 07/12/18 04:26 PM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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Careful A>B testing may show you a point where you have knock entirely due to water temp. Sometimes it's easier to upgrade the cooling system than re-tune the engine.
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#2521179 - 07/12/18 06:20 PM Re: water temp question [Re: dart440_72]
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I would get some evaporust. Follow the directions. A rusted block will hurt heat transfer. My rad was pretty brown inside, used evaporust, block & rad looks like brand new. I use a 180 stat, 50/50 extended life antifreeze, flexalite plastic fan with full shroud. The hemi runs about 181 on a 93* day, never goes over 190 sitting in traffic.


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