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#2484970 - 04/19/18 06:42 AM Speaking of Willys
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#2484974 - 04/19/18 07:40 AM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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many other cars I'd prefer over that for 130,000

#2485218 - 04/19/18 05:01 PM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: bigdad]
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Always thought the '39-'41 Willys were so cool. This one looks to be
really nice, I would get rid of the letters all over it, if it were mine.
Black would look better on this car IMO.
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#2485229 - 04/19/18 05:18 PM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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About 1/2 of that "firm" price is more appropriate.

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#2485583 - 04/20/18 11:09 AM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: earlymopar]
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i always thought those coupes and pickups came from the factory as gassers ! biggrin at least as compared to the stockers i have seen over the last 50+ years......

#2485614 - 04/20/18 12:18 PM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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Nice look but way to expensive. 1/2 of that price might even be a stretch... Great looking car in 40-41 Willys. Always wanted one.

#2485695 - 04/20/18 03:35 PM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: ricobuggy]
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Cool car but personally I have always hated the Gasser look. All jacked up and big ole headers hanging out. I prefer my Willy's Coupe in the Pro Street look myself. Narrowed, Tubbed and lowered to the ground.
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#2486624 - 04/22/18 09:58 PM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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I think the look is right on. I’m not a fan of pro-street Willys myself. An all steel coupe commands a premium, but not 130. Maybe mid 80’s? Or 90.

#2486727 - 04/23/18 07:16 AM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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This Willys has been for sale for a couple of years now, so the comments on pricing are probably right. Guessing it could maybe make $ 80 or $ 90 k at auction, but $ 60 to $ 70 k probably more likely, based on similar I've seen for sale recently. twocents

#2486731 - 04/23/18 07:39 AM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: FM3_1970]
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I believe you guys are way off , my guess is you have not been into street rods very long . in street rods there is a saying "if its steel its real" which compares to a REAL HEMI car verses clone. First of all Willeys Coupe is the KING of KINGS when it comes to street Rods(gassers)and would compare to the same status as hemi cuda in its perspective classification. however I will admit that its way out of my ranger. I think the the reason its been forsale for so long is that there are not so many people with that much disposable income. besides do you really think that a 70 hemi convert is worth 6 million dollars? just my op.

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#2486761 - 04/23/18 10:11 AM Re: Speaking of Willys [Re: justinp61]
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What Gaser Willy’s does not have a blower and scoop sticking through the hood?
How about some photos of the frame to back up that professionally we’ll build claim?
I owned an all steel 1940 many years ago and they certainly have a huge cool factor.
I also do not see this coupe drawing over$100K
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