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#2463500 - 03/08/18 10:08 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: 69Dartman]
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14 yr old dads pinto some how it had a 5 speed

so after i learned on the beater ford i got to drive his 273 4bl 4 speed looked like this



#2463506 - 03/08/18 10:14 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: 69Dartman]
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Not a car, but a 1948 Chevy stake side pick em up truck, when I was 12. We had a block square vacant field next to our house with a tree in the center of it. My dad took me out there and showed me how the pedals and shifter worked. I went about three go rounds with him riding. He had me stop and he went back to the house and watched. After about a half hour he flagged me to stop. Lessons were over. Since we lived at the outer city limits, driving around in the area was not a problem. Never got stopped or asked for i.d. till several years after I had my license, which I got when I was 15.
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#2463507 - 03/08/18 10:18 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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My first car was a 69 GTO i got at the local used car lot for $500, but the same time i also had a 68 Triumph 500 that was daily ride as it was much cheaper to fill up than the GTO. Oh and that was at $0.35 a gallon.


Old time.jpg


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#2463509 - 03/08/18 10:22 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: MidPenMopar]
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My sister's '58 MGA.

#2463510 - 03/08/18 10:28 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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1950 Plymouth 4 Door Special Deluxe
67 Coronet 500 9.610 @ 139.20 mph
67 Coronet 500 (street car) 13.300 @ 101.75 mph
69 GTX (clone) - build in progress......

#2463514 - 03/08/18 10:38 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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My Mom's '82 Delta 88

#2463529 - 03/08/18 11:00 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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Driver's ed car was a 4 door dart, iirc a 72, otherwise it was parents cars a 65 malibu and a 72 ford squire wagon. Big difference between the 283 and 429, my first car bought after had a 383, loved big block power.

#2463535 - 03/08/18 11:11 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: A12]
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Originally Posted By A12
A Honda Super 90 motorcycle......then a couple of times before I took my test my mom would let me drive the family 1964 Chevy station wagon three or four blocks to our house. Then a friend took me to take my driver's test in his '60 Impala and let me drive about a block from the driver's test station. Passed on the first try, written and driving. Drove out of the test station and a block away the carb float stuck on my friend's Impala and almost caught on fire at the traffic light, smoke everywhere laugh2 got lucky. Oh I think the only thing I messed up was not using the turn signal to change lanes once. I now get mad when someone dose that to me and I guess I really shouldn't now that I remember that blush wink. Never drove a car for months after my test, rode my motorcycle until the snow got too deep and that meant really too deep. A friend and I had a contest going on who could ride to school on their bike the longest into the late fall and winter. I thought I had him one day when there was 6" of snow on the road (SW PA with hills) and as I pulled up to the last traffic light by the school I heard him on his Honda 50 coming up behind me with a CAST ON HIS BROKEN RIGHT LEG! Some say I never learned to drive a car laugh2

Fast forward a little and I continue to ride motorcycles daily to school and after graduating and only borrow my parents station wagon when the weather is really bad and I mean REALLY BAD. Trade my S90 in, after modifying it for dirt use with scrambler handlebars an up pipe, Webco cam and valve springs, and buy a Honda 305 Scrambler. Then a T100R Triumph 500 Daytona (I still have the Triumph in my garage). Get a good job in the steel industry and finally have enough money at age 18 to buy a new Mopar. Head to the Dodge dealership to check out the new '69 383 Dart GTS brochure and to the magazine stand to find anything Dart GTS. Get ready to have my dad go with me (me at only 18) to co-sign and order the 383 GTS (F5 GREEN with a black interior and black tail stripe) and read a magazine sidebar article on the M-Code 440 Dart that may be coming out. Put the brakes on the 383 and check the local Dodge dealer (and a few others) and get laughed out of the local dealership because they knew nothing about it and thought I was a crazy young dreaming kid thinking Dodge would put a 440 in a '69 Dart GTS. Went home on my motorcycle, mom knew something upset me, asked what was wrong. Told her about the Dart plan but not about either 383 or 440 big block just the Dart. She (funny now) asks why I want to get a "COMPACT CAR" with having 3 brothers and 3 sisters and having to take them places from school to work if needed. So I head down to the local Plymouth dealer with my dad and order a mid-size car a '69 Road Runner hardtop, 383, 3.91 Suregrip (told dad it was for the snow and hills, he knew what I was doing) F5 GREEN, black bucket seat interior, Torqueflite, console (yeah you guys reading the column auto thread can now hammer me a little more grin) Air Grabber, A01 light package, radio, power steering for mom, and hood stripes AS MY FIRST CAR AT AGE 18-1/2. That was really the car that I learned to drive a car with two years after I got my driver's license. Owned, drove and drag raced the Road Runner for over 10-years. During that time I got into (pro) off-road and MX motorcycle racing (and a little road racing) and lots of traveling so the Road Runner was parked for longer periods than I liked. But that's the car I learned to really drive in and being 18 with 335 HP at the time taught you car respect quickly or else. This was my RR in the summer of 1969, (top image is in '69) I think I already had the Hooker headers on it and then the Delta CDI ignition box.

My F5 RR Jo Ann and current F5 002 copy.jpg

#2463536 - 03/08/18 11:12 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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66 Plymouth Belvedere II, /6,three on the tree and four doors.
Have a great day

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#2463555 - 03/08/18 11:50 PM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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57 Chevy station wagon, V8 three on the tree.

Da Beast II
69 Super Bee 511 cu wedge
55 Dodge P/U 5.7 Hemi powered
496cu wedge powered 82 Omni 024
07 Cummins 3500 Ram Dully

#2463569 - 03/09/18 01:47 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Dabee]
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1960 Ford Falcon...

DMV gave me trouble because it had no seatbelts.... I sent them to find the rules... didn't need em until 63 I believe...Got my DL...that day..

#2463617 - 03/09/18 08:09 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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77 Trans Am
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#2463624 - 03/09/18 08:25 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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I learned driving a 1953 International Harvester pick up around a grave yard in Tennessee. That was in the late 60s.

#2463627 - 03/09/18 08:32 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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1951 Plymouth/55 Chevy.

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#2463628 - 03/09/18 08:32 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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1971 Plymouth Satellite station wagon slant six, auto trans, manual steering

Parallel parked that boat first shot taking my road test for my drivers license

#2463629 - 03/09/18 08:34 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Dartforforty]
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1950 Chevy. Dad penciled in the three speed pattern on the sun visor, took me out in the middle of one of my grandfather's stubble fields, and let me at it.
Wife says too many cars, liquidation coming soon......

#2463640 - 03/09/18 08:53 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Moparnutcase]
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Learned in a 63 Triumph TR4 and a right hand drive 53 MG TD at the same time. I am an ambidextrous driver from day one!

#2463648 - 03/09/18 09:05 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: 56_Royal_Lancer]
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We had two cars in the family at the time, my mom would not let me drive the 70 Charger R/T SE, she said it was too touchy with the throttle. So I had to drive the other car while I had my learners permit. The other car was a 70 Chrysler Newport convertible. It was red with a black interior, 383 automatic transmission. It was not too bad driving around with the top down!
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#2463659 - 03/09/18 09:19 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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1970 Nova. 230 six, 3 on the tree, Manual drum all the way around. And Manual steering as well. A/M and dog dishes.
Gun Metal Gray rubber mat no carpet. Dad added an under dash cassette player. That also recorded.
I drove that car so well after a few tries I was told to just get the license.
Then I drove the work van, A 3 on the tree. 250 chevy van same equipped the same way.
What a beast!
VP of the MPM in New Orleans
73 Dart Sport 340/ 70 challenger vert. That may still get built, If I live long enough

#2463675 - 03/09/18 09:48 AM Re: What car did you learn to drive in? [Re: Pacnorthcuda]
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A cavalier frown it's what the drivers ed teacher had. Before I got my license I think I drove with dad like all of 3 times.

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