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#2454266 - 02/19/18 08:35 PM Sno Fiter photos and info
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I found a 1973 Sno Fiter in an Idaho wrecking yard. I took a bunch of photos if anyone needs them for reference.
These were a factory snow plow pickup. This one is a 1/2 ton, and I also found a near identical 3/4 ton version a couple miles away in another wrecking yard




#2454727 - 02/20/18 04:24 PM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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I had a 76 version sometime in the mid 80s, school bus yellow with the black stripes. Mine was a 1/2 ton as well. No pictures, it was just another in the long line of Dodge beater trucks I've had.

I bought the truck dirt cheap because the rear axle locked up when the pinion nut backed off. I replaced it with an old Dana 8 lug I had laying around. Somewhere along its time with me, the 360, the 727, or the transfer case died, and I shoved a 383 & 727 in it. Later the front wheel bearings crapped out and I stuck a beam front axle (probably from the same truck the Dana came out of) in it. I remember it turned sharper to the right then it did to the left after the beam axle install. That old truck made at least 6 loaded trips to the Mopar swap meet in Milwaukee in the spring and fall. It was a pretty tough old bird for what I put it through, and it was pretty rough before it came to me!

My boss from the gas station I worked at had one, my memory tells me it was brown with a white stripe, but maybe not. That one was well cared for and was a really nice truck. Gene

#2455511 - 02/22/18 07:51 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: poorboy]
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That truck would be a gem here in the rust belt. People just do not know what they have out west... tsk
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#2455542 - 02/22/18 09:12 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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besides the dents (which probably happened in the boneyard) that truck looks pretty good.

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#2455565 - 02/22/18 10:12 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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That's awesome! Brings back memories of my first truck I had in high school which was a '73 Sno-Fighter that I bought around 1980. It was originally a green 1/2 ton, dana 44 front with lockout hubs, 318 engine, 727 stubby tailshaft with the short driveshaft to the divorced 205 transfer case, 8-3/4 rear axle.
I put a built 360 in it and painted it Corvette bright white, and drove it for about 10 years.

#2455662 - 02/22/18 12:44 PM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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I'd love to find one like that I it they've all returned to base elements already.

Even has the bedside boxes.

#2456064 - 02/23/18 09:23 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: Rhinodart]
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Yeah, rust isn't much of an issue here in the Pacific Northwest. This Sno Fiter looks to have been sitting for decades. No real rust and the dents in the right side look fresh, like the junkyard guys caused them. The frame on it was still shiny black when I looked under it. There's a bunch of 70's and 80's Dodge trucks in there including a 77 Warlock 4x4 and none of the trucks have any rust issues. We bought the complete Warlock buddy seat for $40!

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#2456065 - 02/23/18 09:26 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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Another Sno Fiter in the yard down the road.
3/4 ton. In the crush pile. No rust


#2461343 - 03/05/18 01:47 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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COOL trucks, never heard of them.....thanks for the pics!!!!
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#2462388 - 03/06/18 10:34 PM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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Cool pics. That bedside door, if rust free, is a rare find.
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#2462397 - 03/06/18 10:47 PM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: demon]
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What needs to be documented is the underhood hydraulic system if it's still there.

Quite the fustercluck.


#2462535 - 03/07/18 10:26 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: Mr. Smurf]
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Cool, trucks. As mentioned, around here those would be considered killer rust free trucks. I always thought those & sno-commanders were cool trucks. I have had several Dodge plow trucks over the years but none of them were these factory packaged type equipped trucks.
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#2462547 - 03/07/18 10:37 AM Re: Sno Fiter photos and info [Re: 6PKRTSE]
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Dodge trucks were always big sellers in the Montana, Idaho and Washington states, and I see near rust free 70's Dodges all the time in the wrecking yards. Some of the nicest sheetmetal is around Spokane. They throw away trucks and cars that many of us would wish to own.


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