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#2462297 - 03/06/18 07:57 PM Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection?
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I'm building a "budget, low-rpm, highway cruiser" 440 & I'm trying to use some used stock rocker arms.

1. What are the limits of a stock rocker arm? I mean, are they limited by spring pressure, cam size, or what? What are those limits?

2. When re-using stock rocker arms, what exactly should I be inspecting? I think I might have 2-3 in my used set that need replacement.

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#2462356 - 03/06/18 09:12 PM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: PurpleBeeper]
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Rule of thumb, stock style rockers are good for .5" lift and springs that match that type of cam. Mild springs.

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I didn't start seeing failures until I started using double valve springs, then the pushrods would push right through the rockers. Check the area where the pushrods make contact, the cup should be smooth and shiny. The same with where they ride on the valve stems. If these areas are rough and/or torn up replace that rocker.
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#2462408 - 03/06/18 11:31 PM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: PurpleBeeper]
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I have used them (I bought them new about 12 years ago) with the springs that come with edelbrock heads and a .509" cam, many years 0 problems.

#2462411 - 03/06/18 11:36 PM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: PurpleBeeper]
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Stock 440 rocker arms will handle your cruiser type 440 no problem. Stock is the best for that.a friend of mine built a mild built 440 up to 500hp and re used his stock arms and has no problems with them.i also used them on my mild built 440 to.stay away from cheap after market adjustable rockers. Unless use the expansive ones like sharp,comp cam ones and crane.

#2462440 - 03/07/18 05:22 AM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: PurpleBeeper]
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I've ran stock rockers for many years on my mild 440 race engine without any issues. Had a .533 cam and used a lighter double valve spring. Just inspect the "cup" where the pushrod goes. If it looks a little extra bulged, replace it, and you'll be fine.

#2462514 - 03/07/18 09:38 AM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: DusterKid]
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I know someone who used stock rockers on a mild 408 small block and a pushrod poked thru a rocker arm last fall. I don't know the can specs, but he had the stock Edelbrock valve springs.

He went with a set of adjustable 273 rockers so we'll see how that holds up.

#2462517 - 03/07/18 09:40 AM Re: Stock Rocker Arms - Limits? Inspection? [Re: PurpleBeeper]
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Id think the .500 lift rule is good and probably a hydro only cam. Id also keep in mind the rpm range.

My first little bracket car got the ole DC hydro cam and the oem rockers took all the abuse I could give them, it would break up about 7200 and I chased it a bit in the ignition,lifter pump up are but looking back now id not be shocked if the rockers were a factor.


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