Seems like a good deal on a late model vvt 5.7 stroker if you are in the SE.;from=search
Forged 5.7 Hemi VVT engine. K1 stroker crank, Manley rods, pistons, eagle heads, 6.1 intake, and other parts. Fresh out of the machine shop, short block is assembled, long block needs to be assembled. Well more than the asking price in Parts alone. Has a 6.4L VVT camshaft.

The intake has been port matched to the heads. Heads are disassembled. One has been port matched to header gaskets, one has not. I have the sensors and injectors (stock 5.7) but no rails. I have an Arrington 90mm TB which needs an adapter to run with the 6.1 intake. Easily sourced. Mains used ARP studs and King bearings triple plated. Engine came from 2011 2500 truck that had been totaled when new ( I bought it in 2012). Non MDS. Long block parts have been sitting for a while and will need cleanup. Will need head bolts and intake bolts. No headers