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#2447391 - 02/06/18 11:58 AM Hamtramck built 340 cars ?
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I have a 1973 Hamtramck built 340 car with a scheduled production date of 5/25/73. My original engine is MIA and I am trying find a period correct replacement. My question is this. Does anyone else have an original Hamtramck built 340 car with a similar SPD, +or- a day. If so, what is the casting date of your 340 block? I understand that theres roughly a 90 day window for this, but I thought I might try to narrow it down a bit more. Thxs for your help.

#2447416 - 02/06/18 12:41 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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I've seen cars with engines cast 12-14 months before they were built. Especially near the end of 340 production.

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#2447435 - 02/06/18 01:22 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: crackedback]
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iagree Could have been as early as 1971 date code. I have had a couple late 71 engines with cast cranks and 73 VIN's. Just find one before your SPD and slap 'er in... hammer
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#2447438 - 02/06/18 01:28 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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Can't help you with your engine question however, your 73 should have an MDH code on the VIN sticker. MDH stands for month/day/hour. I believe it is in the lower left hand corner of the sticker. That will tell you the day the car was at the end of the production line. That could be before or after the SPD on the fender tag. Good luck!

#2447468 - 02/06/18 02:20 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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In addition to the casting date of the block, you should always also consider the engine final assembly date as well, especially since that number would be visible . As mentioned already, block casting dates can be months and in some cases a couple years prior to the cars SPD (although generally "most" fall within 4-6 weeks)however, the engines final assembly date is "usually" pretty tight against the SPD, usually 7 -10 days , but can of course be longer, or in some cases post date the cars "scheduled" production date , because the car did not get built on its actual SPD .

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#2447474 - 02/06/18 02:25 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: burdar]
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Burdar, Thxs for the info. Looks like my cars sticker is stamped 6/20/12. Thats almost a month after my SPD? Is that normal? Also my car is a factory sunroof car so I imagine that could have have slowed things down.

#2447485 - 02/06/18 02:46 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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The SPD is the date they hoped to start the cars build when the order was first entered into the system.

Your door sticker with the MDH code will show when the car was actually completed.

#2447522 - 02/06/18 03:39 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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since Hamtramck is the largest use of 1973 340s just look for one with a VIN sequence close but before your car's

yes it's common for the outsourced sunroof cars to be completed significantly later than normal, but the engine will already be in the car when it was shipped to ASC for the sunroof conversion
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#2448075 - 02/07/18 01:46 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: 6bblgt]
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6bblgt that makes sense. Anyone out there have a 73 340 starting with VIN 3B52xxxx?
Also I think in 73 Mopar started doing the sunroofs in house with kits from ASC. I imagine even those cars would have been pulled off the line and converted on the side.

#2448102 - 02/07/18 02:37 PM Re: Hamtramck built 340 cars ? [Re: Casey]
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Just out of curiousity casey, what brand of car is we are talking about?
Can you give us more info on the car...options/color..etc.
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