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#2447101 - 02/05/18 07:29 PM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: racerx20]
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I've had very good long term service out of my VW's, I bought my 08 Rabbit in 2012 with 43K on it and my son drove it back and forth 4 hours to/from college for 2 years and I drove it the next 4 and ran the odometer up to 112,000 before selling it last week to buy this one. In 6 years I changed one whel bearing hub ($200) and one alternator ($140) , I paid $6800 for it and sold it to a friend for $3500 So the NET cost ownership over that time (less normal gas, tires and oil changes typical for any car over almost 70,000 miles) was maybe a little over $50 bucks a month?

I doubt I could get $3500 for an 08 Neon today with 112K miles on it, or only spend $340 on parts over 6 years.

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#2447113 - 02/05/18 07:38 PM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: Streetwize]
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i work in a VW dealer body shop.
as far as long term life of them, i see newer VW's with over 200K on the almost daily.
the highest mile one i ever saw had 700K miles on it, yes it was a TDI diesel, and according to the owner it was still on the original engine and trans.
if you own a new one i would suggest removing the rear fender skirt and cleaning up the dirt build up a couple times a year. on the older ones there is a 12 unlimited mileage rust warranty on the rear fender rocker panel rust. on the newer ones the changed the warranty to 10 years 100K miles or something like that. also only the original owner is covered. on the older ones if you are the registered owner they cover it.
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#2447184 - 02/05/18 09:14 PM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: GoodysGotaCuda]
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Originally Posted By GoodysGotaCuda
I had a TDI Golf [bought back] that had a Malone tune on it. That car ripped for what it was.

I went to a WRX after dealing with VW on the buy-back...but I would like to get back into a GTI. I had no issues with the two 2012 VWs we had.

After my experience with my Passat TDI buyback I'd be hard pressed to buy another VW

#2447194 - 02/05/18 09:30 PM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: Streetwize]
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I just sold off my 2008 Jetta Wolfsberg 2.0l Turbo last fall and was glad to get rid of it. It was constantly broken. At 93k I had to replace both front drive shafts an wheel bearings. Everything was horribly rusty and a PITA to disassemble.

There's a documentary on Netflix called "Dirty Money". The first episode is about Dieselgate. If what they show is true I'd never buy a VW again no matter what they build. There are some huge ethical issues with that company I don't want to support. I'm talking about more than just lies.
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#2447336 - 02/06/18 09:42 AM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: Streetwize]
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Every experience I've had w/ the newer VW stuff has been bad. Don't care how fast it is, they're crap cars. I've never been unfortunate enough to own one, but b/t friends and family that have...I know enough to stay away.
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#2447363 - 02/06/18 10:45 AM Re: Off Topic- Surprisingly quick 'commuter car' [Re: Streetwize]
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Andrewh had a Jetta TDi and I was never impressed with the car. It just felt cheap inside and the color was falling off the overhead console.

My father has an older 2002 Snap Orange turbo Beetle. He put a VW cat back system on it and had an engine flash. That little turd will run pretty hard and actually started pulling away from a 4.6 Mustang when they got past 135 mph. biggrin

The old road tests all complained about the harsh ride of my 2006 C55 AMG but the Beetle makes it feel like a soft car in comparison.

Many of the black surfaces in the bug have deteriorated and become sticky over the years. It's kinda nasty. No doubt it's an age thing because the car barely has 70,000 miles on it.

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