With all of the body work complete, it was time to get Mopar Connection’s longterm Comeback ‘Cuda project ready so we could shoot color. Since we were starting with basically a brand new body, we had to take specific steps to get it in the condition just like the factory did before the color went on. That included taking the fenders back off and applying seam sealer between the fenders and the inner fender wells, and applying sound deadener to the inside of the quarter panels. Then, we needed to apply seam sealer to the front and rear raw seams, trunk lid, hood, and shoot the factory dip primer. Next, we shot black epoxy primer, grey high-build primer, sanded, and then shot light grey 2K primer, sanded again, and then we had to get it to the paint booth. The single most important step to any restoration is paint and the most important part of paint is preparation. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s back up:

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