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#2426549 - 12/31/17 03:13 PM Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter
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#2426760 - 12/31/17 07:32 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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1967 big block 727 trans. #2801541 with factory torque converter.

fourfortymopar at

#2426867 - 12/31/17 09:35 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Wanted; Big block 727 transmission with part of #3515848. I would also consider part #3410670 or #3515846. Prefer if in the Detroit area for pickup so as to avoid having to ship.

A new or good used Turbo Action or TCI ten inch torque converter for a 727 with a stall rating of 3300-3500 rpm.

Complete factory automatic kickdown linkage set-up for a 67-69 big block A-body.

gt340 @

#2427989 - 01/02/18 06:47 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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top fuel

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Loc: Lee Co. Fla.
I'm looking for the 4 OEM bolts and washers that hold the 4 speed trans to the bellhousing.71 E body.
PM here
Thanks Moparts FOUND SOME Thanks

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#2429635 - 01/05/18 06:45 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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1969 auto trans, last three digits are 093 for RR-Super Bee & RT and GTX. 383-440, Dec-Feb build date, others dates will be considered. If just the case, that will be fine, I have the guts.
I have an 091, could do a trade or sell.
PM here

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#2430722 - 01/07/18 06:22 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Loc: Smyrna, South Carolina
Reverse Pattern Manual Valve Body for 727 wanted.

PM or Email

#2431965 - 01/09/18 09:21 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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super stock

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Loc: Delaware
Looking for a built small block 727 or Turbo 400 with small block ultra bell. Prefer something with a brake.

Pm me here or

#2433194 - 01/11/18 11:09 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Looking for a 727 to mate with my 512rb.
Wanting something I can drive on street. Estimated power in the 650-700 range.
Let me know what you have. Located in Nashville.
Possible trade with keisler tko600 kit for b body. ( plus cash on 727 end)

#2436615 - 01/17/18 08:16 PM Hurst Ram Rod Shifter Boot Wanted [Re: moparts]
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I need a shifter boot for a Ram Rod Shifter. It is different then the Vertigate so see picture. Anyone with one please contact.


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#2436647 - 01/17/18 09:20 PM Re: Hurst Ram Rod Shifter Boot Wanted [Re: moparts]
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Loc: New Castle,DELAWARE
I'm looking for a 65 - 66 slant 6 cast iron bellhousing
the casting number on the bellhousing will be
2468 431
2468 433
if you have one of these I am interested in buying it please let me know what you have thank you

#2438896 - 01/22/18 07:26 AM Re: Hurst Ram Rod Shifter Boot Wanted [Re: moparts]
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Loc: sw chicago
wanted J 2801544 or PK 2801544 transmissions bob h 708 687 1187

#2439079 - 01/22/18 01:30 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Loc: usa
Looking for a big block pushbutton 727. Must be a 1964 or a year that is compatible with 1964. Preferably located in the mid-west or at least be willing to ship on my dime. Transmission can be a core unit as i'll rebuild it regardless. Just needs to be complete.

pm me thru here.

Got a couple now, thanks Moparts

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#2439467 - 01/23/18 08:47 AM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: csmopar]
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Loc: Northeast MA
Looking for a 4 speed shifter ball for a 1969 Dodge. Looking for a woodgrain type in used condition with the grains wearing off as I want to have it match the patina on my steering wheel.


#2441152 - 01/26/18 04:34 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Loc: South Park, Pa.
Looking for a 7290, 30 spline slip yoke.
Contact me here on MOPARTS or "E" mail me at

#2443112 - 01/29/18 08:11 PM 727 Lower/Rear Clutch Drum - 4-Disc Wanted [Re: moparts]
vinnyd76 Offline
super stock

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Loc: Macomb, MI
I'm looking for a low/rear clutch drum (direct drive) for a small block 727 trans. 4-disc clutch drum with input shaft. Please PM me if you have one available for sale.


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#2443661 - 01/30/18 06:11 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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super stock

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Loc: CT
Wanted: 727 take out outer sprag rings. These would be removed to install a bolt in sprag, or a 16 roller Ultimate or Super sprag. If you have any sitting around please let me know.


#2450241 - 02/11/18 04:47 PM Re: Mopar Transmission Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Loc: South Louisiana
WANTED I am looking for a light weight aluminum 727 rear drum and rollerized planetary gears

Thanks !!

#2452531 - 02/16/18 10:35 AM 1970 18 spline trans [Re: DBCooper]
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pro stock

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Loc: BC Canada
1970 18 spline hemi 4 speed trans wanted,ideally with a ST lewis VIN on it IE 0G123456

ogopogo69 'at"


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