Imagine you’re patiently waiting at a stop light at a quiet intersection. The lope of your Mopar’s idle thrumming along as you wait for the light to change. Rolling up beside you is some kid in a late model Mustang. He gives your classic a once over and wrings off a high pitched, almost-nasal rev, motioning that he’d like to race. While you’re not in the mood for a ticket, you see no harm in blowing his doors off for the first 60-feet or so. Two-footing the pedals, you spool up the torque converter and feel the rear suspension begin to load. Your wits are keen and BAM! you’re on the throttle the second the light changes, but as you mash the gas you feel your back tires break loose, barking intermittently as they sporadically lose grip. Off goes the Mustang through the intersection…

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