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#2433549 - 01/12/18 04:05 PM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
mopars4ever Offline
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Some people are just much more fortunate health wise then others. My father inlaw gets around better then me and he is 82. No BS. He still craws under cars to work on them and he is always on the move. He complains once in a while that something may hurt. His doctors tell him you do know your 82 right. I tell him you don`t know how lucking you are.

#2433625 - 01/12/18 07:05 PM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: mopars4ever]
pittsburghracer Offline

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And there you said it. Always on the move as those in there 70's and 80's lived differently than we did.
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#2433751 - 01/13/18 12:09 AM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
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Kid you think it’s bad now, wait till you’re 73!

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#2433764 - 01/13/18 12:59 AM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
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There is a nasty cold going around here. My little cousin had it and had to go to childrens hospital. Usually I get a cold and it's gone in 3-5 days tops, this one was more like a month.
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#2433831 - 01/13/18 09:05 AM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
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Really, age has no meaning, until the middle man don't listen to you anymore, almost like a new puppy, you try to call it, but it pays you no mind.

#2433877 - 01/13/18 10:45 AM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: cudaman1969]
Mastershake340 Offline

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My dad didn't seem to have slowed down much except his hips bothered him some when at the time of his 83rd birthday. He was diagnosed with cancer about a month after his birthday and only lasted about 3 months after that. Today would have been his 88th birthday. angel
My mom recently turned 84 and she's doing well. All the women on her side of the family seem to live well into their 90s which is great.
In recent years what I notice is that it's gotten hard to get up off the floor. All drinking jokes aside, when I'm out working on the car or scrubbing the floor or the like, I have to work a bit to get myself back upright!
I broke about every bone from my L5 vertebrae down in my late 20s, so sadly good genes or not, I'm not going to be going strong until my 80s like my parents I don't think.

#2434275 - 01/14/18 01:18 AM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
69Dartman Offline

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Still climbing ladders, scaffolding, on roofs every day at work at 59. Figure I'll work till I can't. Things hurt then get better, I fell about 09 and broke my arm due to new meds but finally healed up and doing it again.
keep active and listen to your body, it will tell you when to back off and ibuprofen helps with pain and swelling and you can take Tylenol with it as long as you don't have issues with either one. I have had kidney stones off and on for years so pain that would put most folks down merely annoys me now.
Get your checkups and listen to your Dr as they know things that can help you and try to keep you healthy.
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#2434535 - 01/14/18 03:09 PM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: 69Dartman]
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I turn 61 next month. I still play basketball twice a week and work on cars most days and have a lot of real estate maintenance. I think to remain active you have to stay active. Sure, I hurt most of the time and I heal slower than years ago. I don't run as fast, jump as high and it's hard to get up when I'm down but I'm glad I can keep up with most of the young guys.

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#2434602 - 01/14/18 05:20 PM Re: Getting Old SUUUUUUUCKS!!!! [Re: Orange_Crush]
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I never called in sick for 25 years , and I work outside at in airport in WI - Man some miserable winters

However the flu the last five years when it happens and if , just kicks my ass to the point I can't even move or get out of bed

Then to top it off all these young kids in there 20s have zero issue calling in sick with nothing more then a hang nail or they need to get there cell phone fixed , and then they try to send you a text a few hours before there shift when texting in - No more calling in sick

Texting in

Facebook in

Snapchat in

Twitter in

Does anyone actually call anymore , I don't even know what half that stuff is

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