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#2433515 - 01/12/18 02:41 PM Diesel owners
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Current temps are in the low single digits and night temps have been as low as -28F this year. So what are you diesel owners using for fuel additive? I have a 2008 2500 with a 6.7 cummins and I use Howes. This is my 4th diesel pickup and I've never had a fuel gelling issue. Just curious. What do you use?

#2433546 - 01/12/18 03:57 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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That's why they have winter and summer blends for diesel.

#2433714 - 01/12/18 10:41 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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Power Service white jug
they say winter blend
better safe than sorry on side of road

#2433886 - 01/13/18 11:07 AM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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I never used anything in mine. I work for a large transport fleet and the only guys who have problems with fuel gelling are owner operators who buy cheaper #2 fuel when they are down in the US then have trouble starting their trucks on -25f days. Buy #1 fuel and you won't have a problem. Yes it's a little more but there's a reason. On our first really cold day this winter it was funny the line up of owner operator trucks in front of our shop needing help getting their trucks going yet not one company truck with good fuel needed help.

#2433917 - 01/13/18 11:52 AM Re: Diesel owners [Re: DaytonaTurbo]
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I have driven semis and Cummins pickups to -40 and I've never had a problem. Buy good fuel. I did use Hawes in my Cummins but only to try and avoid pump and injector issues not to prevent fuel gelling.
Having said that though, I always bought fuel from a known source. If you are buying fuel from anywhere or are worried about it, Well an additive could be cheap insurance.

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#2433978 - 01/13/18 02:22 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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I typically use diesel 911 if the fuel isn't correct for the temperature:

If the fuel is partially gelling and you dump the appropriate amount in before the engine shuts off in my experience it will clear up in maybe 30 seconds of run time. It's impressive how well it works.
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#2434124 - 01/13/18 06:56 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: BlwnCrcab]
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Originally Posted By BlwnCrcab
Power Service white jug
they say winter blend
better safe than sorry on side of road

Xs 2

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#2434222 - 01/13/18 10:34 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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Nothing here either, no problems.

I was recently given 200 gallons of off road diesel fuel from a boat that blew the engine last summer.

Why the fuel wasn't pumped directly into other equipment is beyond me.

I'll burn it in my waste oil furnace.

I recieved it in 55 gallon drums, used for parking lot paint and not cleaned very well.

Brought a drum in 2 weeks ago, had been single digit temps and below zero for at least a week. Drums are stored outside.

Expected to have 55 gallons of jelly....nope, still perfect, if it wasn't for the debris it could've went right in the tractor.

I would really like to know what conditions cause jelling, I've never had a problem with it in 30+ years of owning diesel equipment.


#2434527 - 01/14/18 02:49 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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Nothing but diesel fuel.

#2435361 - 01/15/18 10:04 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Michael]
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Good luck finding #1 around here, easier finding a Sasquatch... eyes

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#2435854 - 01/16/18 04:42 PM Re: Diesel owners [Re: Racer33]
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Only 1 or 2 places around here that sell #1 that I am aware of. I have used it a couple times. Blended fuels are probably more common then I am aware. I can think of 1 station that advertises the fuel as blended. Just two weeks or so ago they changed it from 70/30 to 50/50 blend. I suspect asking the stations would reveal most of them actually have blended fuel. I have used the power service additive in the past ( white bottle ) and carry a bottle of 911 ( red bottle ) with me incase of emergency. I started using Howes years ago simply for the lubrication part after having to replace a vp44 injection pump. I've had good luck so far with it so I continue to use it.


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