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#2428395 - 01/03/18 02:58 PM “longest life” Lithium battery charging
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The second-best charge range for batteries inside smartphones is 45% to 75% — probably a lot more realistic for most people on a day-to-day basis than 65% to 75%.

You could even develop a daily routine to plug in your phone at particular times to keep its charge within those levels. Just plug it in whenever you can, even if it's for a few minutes, and you'll be fine.

"Partial charges cause no harm," according to Battery University.

But you have some wiggle room. If you typically keep your phone's charge level between 25% and 75%, you most likely won't cause too much long-term damage.

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#2428490 - 01/03/18 06:20 PM Re: “longest life” Lithium battery charging [Re: 360view]
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I pretty much plug my phone in at night when I go to bed. It's pushing 4 years old and I have no issues with it lasting all day long.

Not going to be a slave to technology, I don't wonder about with my face shoved in a phone all day long. I noticed that the university had a sign at the entrance saying pedestrians had the right of way every where, to which I thought the entrance standards must be pretty low if them college boys don't know how to use a cross walk. Then I saw all the dumbphone zombies wandering about.
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#2428912 - 01/04/18 12:14 PM Re: “longest life” Lithium battery charging [Re: 360view]
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Huh...looks like I've been doing it the wrong way
addict:to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively ....hmmmm


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