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#2426558 - 12/31/17 03:23 PM For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter
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#2426864 - 12/31/17 09:30 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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Cal Custom El Toro air cleaner wing nut. $5

Used chrome thermostat housing. $5

Four new extra wide chrome valve cover hold down clamps. $10 for the set

New exhaust manifold heat stove to air cleaner hose. $20

Original Cal Custom 14" finned aluminum air cleaner with filter. $100

Original Cal Custom 9" finned air cleaner top and base. No filter. $75

1970 Style single nipple oil breather with hose. $35

New 12" oval 4 barrel finned aluminum air cleaner with filter. It measures 12" L x 8 1/4" W x 3" H and has a 5 1/8" carb opening. $60

AC alternator bracket from a mid 70s 360. $15

Good used intake to water pump crossover hose from a mid 70s 360 with AC. $5

Small block passenger side biscuit motor mount bracket. $30

137 New Spectre brand radiator and heater hose clamp covers. Some chrome, some red and some blue anodized. Various sizes. $50 for the lot.

New Cloyes C-3028 small block Mopar timing chain. $25

Carb. throttle linkage stud. $10

Two 318 driver side spool motor mounts pt#3642811. One is used and one is NOS. $20 for the used. $35 for the NOS.

Pair of factory small block valve covers. Not sure of year. Nice shape. $75

1971 318 intake & 2 barrel carb. $100

Email: gt340 @

#2427148 - 01/01/18 12:40 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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1971 340 4 speed dual point distributor has the tag on it.

PM me here
Thanks Scott

#2427319 - 01/01/18 04:00 PM Engine mounts alternator bracket [Re: maxie]
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Unidentified engine mounts, seen on the left in the picture. $20 shipped

Early 318 wide block alternator bracket
$20 shipped



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#2427625 - 01/02/18 07:12 AM 360 Magnum + aftermarket goodies... [Re: moparts]
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360 / 5.9L Magnum engine for sale. VERY tight and flat compression (a legit 175-180 across all 8), 140K (so 85K miles), came out ov 2000 Ram, so about as good as it gets. Bought as running, guaranteed engine from a well respected wrecker and i pulled the heads for a look-see. I liked what i saw, but i sold the car, so...

Comes complete with everything i got from it, from EFI to pan, manifolds to mounts. Want what i paid for it.

$750Cdn ($600 US).


Also collected a pile o parts for this bullet. Would like to sell as package, with or without engine.

Crosswind Air-Gap dual plane conversion intake (new in box).

Bullet hyd roller cam (237/245@.050, .555"lift, 108 lobe sep).

Edelbrock 670 Street Avenger (vac secondary) carb (VERY low miles, never messed with).

Mopar Performance LA aluminum (black) valve covers (new).

Dougs 453r smallblock E or B-body headers (pipes go OVER suspension, not old school junk).

Aluminum WP/crank pulleys, slight underdrive (never run).

Midodon (or Moroso? i forget) solid engine mounts (never run).

Steel shim head gaskets, .0215" "very last pair available anywhere".

I want $1500Cdn ($1200 US) for the parts, or $2000Cdn ($1600 US) with the engine. Can ship the parts, but not the engine. I'm only 20 miles from the Sumas WA border crossing however. 60 miles East ov Vancouver BC.

PM me here.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 4.08.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 4.12.08 AM.png

#2427811 - 01/02/18 01:22 PM Re: 340/360 B/E body engine mount brackets [Re: moparts]
pro stock

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I have for sale a pair of biscuit style 340/360 B/E body engine mount brackets that are all in great shape. They just need to be cleaned and painted. These brackets will NOT fit the A-body cars as the engine mount holes are in a different place. I would like to get $25 for the set plus the shipping.

Edison, NJ
rider1454 at



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#2428934 - 01/04/18 12:50 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
evenflow Offline

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Vintage set of new Manley main bearings for a 340. part #33220 they have been on my shelf for years. they are 1/2 groove and standard size. A couple have surface rust on edge and will require a little scotch brite work. $50 shipped lower 48. pm here or prefer postal mo or paypal plus 3%



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#2429198 - 01/04/18 07:23 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
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#2429353 - 01/05/18 04:59 AM 1969-Dart-Cuda-340-Original-4bbl-Carburetor-4612-SA [Re: moparts]
Mopar_Mike Offline

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Nice original 4bbl from a 1969 340 automatic car. Clean original carb with everything moving. Nothing frozen, broken or missing. It needs a cleaning and most likely a kit. $100 plus shipping.



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#2429524 - 01/05/18 02:28 PM Camshafts for sale [Re: Mopar_Mike]
ou812 Offline

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BB Mopar hyd. FT - 241@ .050, .546@ 1.5 ratio, 112lca straight pattern cam. $150.00 shipped in the U.S.

BB Mopar hyd. FT - 236-246@ .050, .519-.511@ 1.5 ratio, 114lca. $150.00 shipped in the U.S.

BB Mopar solid FT. - 247-255@ .050, .549-.571@ 1.5 ratio, 108lca. $175.00 shipped in the U.S.

SB Mopar 48° HYD. Roller - 230@ .050, .584@ 1.5 ratio, 107lca. $150.00 shipped in the U.S.
Brian Hafliger

#2430671 - 01/07/18 04:40 PM Small Block Fluidampr - New [Re: ou812]
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I have a new small block fluidampr that I purchased but will not be using.

Price is $360 shipped to the lower 48 states.

Contact for more information

Damper 2.JPG

Damper 5.JPG

#2430838 - 01/07/18 09:15 PM Re: For Sale - 340 rotating assembly [Re: moparts]
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Rotating assembly out of my Engine-

4.070 TRW domed pistons- L2232F I believe

Factory 340 Rods, Polished Beams and SPS bolts

Factory Forged 340 Crank. Balanced assembly .010ROds/ 010 mains

This has about 2000mi maybe and 20 blasts on the quarter sifting at 7800rpm.

will post pictures tomorrow

$1000 plus shipping

#2430988 - 01/08/18 09:07 AM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
crabman173 Offline

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came off marine 340 could be just like some early car units? This set is very nice $40 plus UPs

340 covers 005.JPG

Description: 3

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#2431105 - 01/08/18 12:45 PM Marine parts [Re: crabman173]
JS29R0B Offline

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Does anyone want to put a small block into their boat project?
I have 2 sets of most all marine only parts for sale. Exhaust manifolds,bellhousings, pulleys,waterpumps,distributers. Due to weight and size I will not ship they must be picked up in middle Tennessee. $800 for both sets. Email . Pics to follow when weather breaks.

#2431458 - 01/08/18 11:54 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
NTOLERANCE Online   content

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Loc: Madison Wi

1990 360 van fuel infection parts

I believe I have everything related to the tbi system from a 90 full sized 360 ram van

. Ecm harness sensors Intake manifold throttle body I also have the air pump system and exh manifolds.

Van had 90,000 miles. Frame rotted out. Was an auto overdrive van of that makes a difference on the ecm.

$200 plus freight buys it all.
alternator starter and their acessories not included.
Pics avail.
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#2432493 - 01/10/18 07:40 PM Re: For Sale - Small Block Mallory Distributor [Re: moparts]
DusTed74 Offline

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Loc: WI. U.S.A.
This is Mallory unilite distributor. It comes with a Mallory circuit guard, and a spare rotor. $200. includes shipping to the lower 48 states.
You may contact me here. Thanks.......Ted


#2434082 - 01/13/18 05:44 PM Cam Dynamics Solid Flat Tappet Camshaft for Small Block [Re: DusTed74]
Rocket Offline

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Loc: CT
For sale is a small block Cam Dynamics mechanical flat tappet camshaft from my 360 ci bracket motor. The specs are 0.585 lift with 310 degrees advertised duration and 275 degrees duration at 0.050 lift on both Intake and exhaust. This was used for 50 runs and ran a best of 10.48 in my W2 headed 360 ci Dart. The cam comes with the matching solid lifters matched to each cam lobe. Always run with Kendall 20W50 racing oil. Cam and lifters are in good shape. I have the cam card available for the full specifications.

Price is $150 shipped to lower 48 states.
Contact for more information and pictures.



#2434087 - 01/13/18 05:47 PM Mopar Performance 0.620” lift Small Block Solid Lifter Cam [Re: Rocket]
Rocket Offline

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Loc: CT
I have a new Mopar Performance 0.620" lift flat tappet camshaft part # P4349266. It shows some very light pitting on two or three of the lobes around peak lift only which might buff out with emery paper. See the last picture for the light pitting. Bearing journals and the rest of the lobe areas are fine and smooth. Pictures show some dark spots which is discoloring from the original coating on the cam. Should be fine to run.

$110 shipped in the lower 48 states.
Contact for more information and pictures.



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#2434439 - 01/14/18 12:07 PM Small Block Hydraulic Tappet Camshaft - NHRA Stock Class [Re: Rocket]
Rocket Offline

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Loc: CT
For sale is a used small block Cam Dynamics hydraulic flat tappet camshaft from an NHRA Stock class drag racing car. The Cam Dynamics part number is 10944 and the grind number is 206-2A. The specs are 0.455 lift intake and exhaust with 303 degrees advertised duration and 265 degrees duration at 0.050 lift on both Intake and exhaust. This was used for 1 season and has been wrapped in an oil soaked rag since. It is in very nice used shape. I have the cam card available for degreeing in the camshaft..

Price is $115 shipped to lower 48 states.
Contact for more information and pictures.



#2434442 - 01/14/18 12:08 PM 408 Stroker Rotating Assembly – New [Re: Rocket]
Rocket Offline

Registered: 02/25/06
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Loc: CT
I have a forged 408 stroker rotating assembly with all new parts to convert a 360 ci small block to a 408 ci stroker motor. Parts consist of a Molnar forged 4.00” crankshaft part # 360-4000FF6F, Eagle H-beam connecting rods part # CRS6123C3D, Mahle pistons and file fit rings part # SBM460030F05 and half groove Federal mogul main bearings for a Viper. Same journals as a 360 so you will have an extra journal's worth. One thing I am missing are the connecting rod bearings. I have not opened the crankshaft box and that is why there are no pictures of the crank in this post. I ordered the crankshaft directly from Molnar in the fall of 2017. The assembly is not balanced.

Price is $1,900 plus actual shipping cost.



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