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#2453989 - 02/19/18 01:25 PM FOUND ONEHave a Wrecked 70 Plymouth B-body Passenger Fender? [Re: moparts]
PurpleBeeper Offline

Registered: 07/05/11
Posts: 618
Loc: Chicago
I'm looking for a patch panel for the passenger front fender around the side-marker light of a 1970 Plymouth B-body.

It can be 2dr/4dr, Belvedere, Satellite, Roadrunner or GTX. I'm hoping someone has a wrecked/rusty fender they can cut a patch out for me. I need about 1"-2" around the passenger marker light & I'm hoping it still has the little tabs where you screw the marker light into (hopefully). What do you have?


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#2454185 - 02/19/18 07:40 PM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
steve426 Offline

Registered: 12/29/12
Posts: 9
1969 Plymouth Roadrunner/Belvedere : Looking for left side rear 1/4 panel extension.

Thanks for the ad.

Thanks for the help got part I needed.

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#2454405 - 02/20/18 12:52 AM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: steve426]
Jeremiah Offline

Registered: 03/03/03
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Loc: Rogue River, OR
Wanted: Once nice set of interior a-pillar trim pices for my '66 Charger. I believe any 2-door HT 66-67 B Body Mopar will work. I am also interested in the piece that is between them if one is available.

#2455908 - 02/22/18 09:28 PM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
bugsydog Offline
super stock

Registered: 01/20/03
Posts: 860
Loc: las vegas, nevada
looking for a complete 1971-1972 dodge charger hideaway headlight setup, ...thanks

#2456151 - 02/23/18 11:38 AM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
road Offline

Registered: 05/08/06
Posts: 218
Loc: Nebraska
looking for a Driveshaft
1969 Charger 440 4 spd
3 1/4
50.96 length
2 5/8


#2456444 - 02/23/18 09:42 PM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
bugsydog Offline
super stock

Registered: 01/20/03
Posts: 860
Loc: las vegas, nevada
looking for 71-74 dodge charger steering column power steering for floor mounted shifter...

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#2456559 - 02/24/18 06:45 AM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
TimS Offline
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Registered: 01/21/03
Posts: 1885
Loc: Walton, Indiana
Looking for these 70 Roadrunner parts. I'll be at the Indy swap so pickup an option there as well.

LH manual outside mirror. Found
Operators manual. Found
Radio bezel. Found
Rear tail light covers (Black plastic covers that attach in the trunk side of the tail light bezels)
Roadrunner horn. Found
BB Flywheel cover (Automatic). Found
Black dash pad or PM

Thanks Moparts !!!

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1970 Roadrunner 440+6 AT 4.10 Dana Blue Fire Metallic
1970 Roadrunner 383 AT 3.23 Rallye Red
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All #'s matching,driving originals.

#2457071 - 02/24/18 09:25 PM 1970 Road Runner Parts Needed [Re: moparts]
RalphsRapidTrnst Offline
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Registered: 09/19/04
Posts: 2028
Loc: Bristol, CT
I am looking for a couple of 1970 Road Runner Parts.

A set of Bucket Seat Tracks (I have E-Body ones if someone wants to trade)

I am also looking for the metal side covers for the bucket seats Drivers Side Outer with or without Button, Passenger Side Inner.

Please PM or email me. Thanks Moparts
RalphsRapidTransit @ Hotmail. com
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#2457200 - 02/25/18 07:47 AM Re: 1969 1/2 440-6 Manual distributor [Re: RR6BBL1969]
6pkRB Offline

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Loc: Texas
Please contact the buyer via pm or email! This is not a discussion forum!!

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#2457776 - 02/26/18 07:42 AM Re: 1969 1/2 440-6 Manual distributor [Re: moparts]
70HemiShaker Offline
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Loc: Home of the Bluegrass
HEMI emblems for a 69 Superbee ramcharger hood scoops.
"It takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar"
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#2458142 - 02/26/18 08:03 PM 66-67 Charger Interior Parts [Re: 70HemiShaker]
Jeremiah Offline

Registered: 03/03/03
Posts: 8097
Loc: Rogue River, OR

We need the following parts to complete our '66 Charger interior:

- passenger side rear interior panel- This is the large panel that fits between the 1/4 window and back glass. If you have a set in nice condition I'll buy both of them. Color is not important.

- the trim piece that connects the two pieces spanning the upper edge of the back glass. I is about 1" wide and held down by a single screw.

-a set of excellent condition tinted side and 1/4 window glass.

-a set of interior chrome trim pieces that attach above the windows. Driver quality is okay.

Thanks for the ad Moparts : )

#2460752 - 03/04/18 04:00 AM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
70rrclone Offline
pro stock

Registered: 06/27/04
Posts: 1290
Loc: USA
WTB 70 B-Body 1.00-1.03 Torsion bars will pay cash or trade a set of 70 B Body 1.16 Torsion bars.

Thanks Shane

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#2461066 - 03/04/18 04:43 PM Wanted-1968 Roadrunner upper grille support and vertical [Re: moparts]
Moparlang Offline

Registered: 05/22/05
Posts: 92
Loc: MD
Looking for a 1968 Belvedere, Roadrunner, Satellite or GTX upper grille support panel and vertical hood lock support. This is the panel from fender to fender that the grille bolts to and the support below it. PM me if you have either piece or both.
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#2461351 - 03/05/18 05:08 AM Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter [Re: moparts]
71rm23 Offline
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Registered: 01/04/08
Posts: 2292
Loc: None
WTB- Looking for plastic cover, covering the cassette player for my '71. PM me here.


#2461428 - 03/05/18 09:48 AM 426 Hood Emblem Wanted - 1964 Sport Fury [Re: moparts]
vinnyd76 Offline
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Registered: 04/25/12
Posts: 825
Loc: Macomb, MI
A friend of mine is looking for a 426 hood emblem for his 1964 Sport Fury like the one pictured below.

426 Hood Badge.jpg

#2461443 - 03/05/18 10:13 AM Passenger A-Pillar Interior Trim Wanted for 68 RR - Black [Re: moparts]
vinnyd76 Offline
super stock

Registered: 04/25/12
Posts: 825
Loc: Macomb, MI
A friend of mine is looking for the interior passenger A-pillar trim in black for his 68 RR. Please PM me if you have one not cracked/damaged.

#2461468 - 03/05/18 10:54 AM Re: 1968 Dodge Dogdish Hubcaps [Re: moparts]
LYMGTX Offline

Registered: 11/02/06
Posts: 51
Loc: Missouri
WTB Dogdish Hubcaps for 1968 Dodge Coronet Hemi. Looking for very nice ones. Please IM with price if you have a set. Currently have 1969 one's. Will work out some kind of trade or buy outright. Thanks!!!

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#2461586 - 03/05/18 02:55 PM Re: 1968 Dodge Dogdish Hubcaps [Re: moparts]
STEFF Offline

Registered: 01/19/03
Posts: 3730
Loc: Smyrna, South Carolina
Still Looking for Fiberglass Bumpers for 1970 Road Runner. Want Front & Rear!!

PM or email me:

#2461863 - 03/05/18 11:46 PM WANTED: a couple 70 b body items [Re: moparts]
mlubahn Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 116
Loc: CA
Hello. Looking for a few items for my 70 Super bee:

-Drivers side grille
-70 B body bucket seat tracks for passenger seat
-Pair of 879/865 HP exhaust manifolds (dates not critical)
-pistol grip shifter (complete or parts) for non console or console
-70 Coronet trunk lid (good shape, no or little rust)

PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THIS. A quick description and price would be great, as well as best way to contact you. THX

#2461866 - 03/05/18 11:58 PM Re: WANTED: a couple 69 Road Runner items [Re: mlubahn]
MuscleMopars Offline

Registered: 08/17/03
Posts: 4331
Loc: North Central USA (MN-WI area)
Needed for my 1969 Road Runner RM21

I need a nice original driver quality front bumper that will match the driver quality of my car. A few small flaws are ok.

Also looking for an good original back seat to reupholster

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