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#2426315 - 12/31/17 11:26 AM 63 b body slant 6 to 440
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Hey everyone! I’m helping a buddy out with a swap on a 63 savoy. It has a slant 6 currently but we have a 440 727 to drop in. Didn’t see any swap mounts for this from Schumacher. Does the k member have to be swapped out? Thanks.

#2426318 - 12/31/17 11:35 AM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Burlapen]
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Swapping the K-frame will work and is what I did on my '63 Dodge. Any K from a 63-65 v-8 car will work. They are all the same save for a few Hemi K's.

Depending on what look you are after and how racey the car will be, a motorplate might be a cheap, easy option. Knock the motor mount stands off the sland 6 K frame, bolt an AREngineeringplate to the front and weld a couple of tabs to the frame to secure it. We have a friend that did this with his street driven Dart and it does not have the vibration through the car that people say it does. Very neat setup.

There is also the option of a later B body k-frame, but that moves everything back 1 5/8", requires some tunnel work and mods to the transmission mount.
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#2426321 - 12/31/17 11:38 AM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Burlapen]
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All depends on your fab skills and what you are trying to accomplish. If you want a stock type setup then best bet is to find the correct K frame. You can use a later model K frame and move the engine back but then you have to deal with a bunch of other issues.

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#2426370 - 12/31/17 12:36 PM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Burlapen]
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You might only have to fab up one side, I'll look at mine (have both) tonite when I get back home.

#2426390 - 12/31/17 12:57 PM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Burlapen]
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I'm doing the same thing (installing a 440) in my 1963 Fury that has a 1962 V8 K member(one year only) in it. I bought a 1966 to 1971 B body K member so I can fit the later 6 quart low profile street hemi oil and the later more plentiful headers on it up work scope
As already mentioned that moves the motor back and down for better weight transfer as well as using the later motor mounts and you don't need to worry about finding a 1965 pushbutton 727 so you can use a slip yoke U joint instead of the dreaded ball and trunion driveshaft work
Elephant ears or a front motor plate are viable options also if you aren't oppose to using them shruggy
Good luck thumbs
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#2426486 - 12/31/17 02:24 PM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Cab_Burge]
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A few notes on parts that make life easy if you do use the early K.

Hedman 78030's drop in, are dirt cheap and require no denting if you have manual steering.

Schumacher makes a conversion mount that makes using a later 727 a bolt in affair with the stock crossmember.

A '68 Camaro speedo cable will let the large speedo end on the later 727 mate up to the small head under dash. It bolts in and is the correct length.

You will have to slightly notch the lip on K frame on the passenger side to clear a 7 qt. pan. Not a large amount, but needs to be done.
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#2426581 - 12/31/17 03:44 PM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: GY3]
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I recently did this conversion on a 65 Coronet. I used a 66 K-frame, 727, and was able to use Hooker 1 7/8 headers for 66 and up B-body. No problem with trans tunnel clearance unless you try to use the 66-67 driveshaft that has the big collar weight on the front of the shaft. I was able to use the 65 trans cross member as well. I did use a B+M cable shifter and a Lokar kick down cable set up. Basically a bolt in swap. I did have to fab a mount for the shifter cable on the transmission. A piece of angle iron and a drill, took all of 15 minutes. Oh yeah, the car has power steering and no issues with clearance there either.

#2427699 - 01/02/18 10:18 AM Re: 63 b body slant 6 to 440 [Re: Burlapen]
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Can the Headman 78030 headers mentioned by GY3 also be used with power steering?


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