any worth to a steel 14x6 wheel that has no part # i can find ? it was blasted and primed, then light coat of rattle can black applied to prevent rust many years ago. it has 4 hubcap bumps, and i think it came from an aspen/volare that was here many moons ago. disc brake wheel. worth anything or just scrap ?
also have a pair of 14x4 1/2 wide wheels from a disc brake '73 dart. dart wheels have original paint [it is the same color as the car was, but not sure if there was any re-paint done], and are as was run on the dart, but part #'s are not legible. worth anything or scrap ?
all wheels large, 4 1/2" bolt circle.
i'm cleaning out all 14" wheels in my stash. ralleys and several nice brushed trim rings [not repops] as well. thanks in advance !