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#2398572 - 11/04/17 08:21 PM Need Gen 1 CTD help
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The intake heater grid on my 92 W350 has decided to quit working, the dash light cycles, but nothing happening under the hood.

All the connections are clean & tight, I've no clue where to go next.

Any help is appreciated.


#2398594 - 11/04/17 09:27 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: Mr. Smurf]
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First check continuity of the grid...don't know what the resistance should be but open is bad...
have you checked for power to the grid?
Is the Relay clunking(mine always made a pretty loud actuation noise) - if not check for power to the relay. Test for a signal to the switching side of the relay (low amperage side)
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#2399169 - 11/05/17 11:13 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: W.I.N. racing]
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Haven't had a chance to look at it yet....hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks for the input.


#2399425 - 11/06/17 01:10 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: Mr. Smurf]
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Check for codes first before anything. Turn the ignition on, off, on, off, on. Watch the check engine light it will flash 2 digit codes. 55 is the end of the sequence.

11 No Crank Speed sensor signal during cranking
12 Battery connection disturbed within the last 50 starts
15 No signal from VSS (Auto or Cruise Control equipped only)
22 Coolant temp sensor shorted or open (Auto only)
23 Air temp sensor shorted or open
24 TPS shorted or open (Auto only)
33 A/C clutch relay shorted or open
34 Cruise control shorted or open (cruise control equipped only)
41 Generator field not switching properly
42 ASD relay (charging circuit supply) shorted or open, or no ASD voltage at PCM
45 OD solenoid shorted or open (Auto only)
46 Charging system voltage too high
47 Charging system voltage too low
53 Internal PCM failure
62 same
63 same
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#2399993 - 11/07/17 12:57 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: Guitar Jones]
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I did check the grid for continuity, all good there.

Will look at the codes tonight.



#2401979 - 11/11/17 01:24 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: Mr. Smurf]
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Really check the ground wire at the grid (the one under the bolt). They will go crusty . Otherwise, I'd suspect the solenoids on the left fenderwell.

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#2402312 - 11/11/17 10:18 PM Re: Need Gen 1 CTD help [Re: superwrench]
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Will do.

Haven't had time to get close to it, had to cobble a denso starter for the tractor tonight.



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