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#2397522 - 11/02/17 08:10 PM Cam for my 318.
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While taking stock of my parts today,I happened across a new Engine Pro cam. It’s a MC1735 which is 210/220 @.50 duration,.429/.447 lift on a 112 lsa. I’m thinking of using this cam in my 87 D100 with an Edelbrock performer and 500 afb carb. I think this is the 340/275 hp cam.

#2398162 - 11/03/17 08:17 PM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: Eggman]
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I guess that is about 10 degrees more intake duration vs a stock 318 truck cam. How it might work depends a lot on the rest of the combo. Gearing? Tire size? Compression? Weight?

If compression is on the high side (eg. true 9.0 w. iron heads) and gearing on the low side (eg 4.10) it might be nice. Otherwise maybe not.

#2399584 - 11/06/17 05:49 PM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: ahy]
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The stock 318 hydraulic cam was 181/192 duration at 50, 0.371/0.399 lift. That cam is at the top of the range for a stock 318. Yes, it appears to be the 340 cam. Your stock mid '80s 318 is very easy to overcame as compression is low.

I am assuming you want to drive your truck. My suggestion would be the Comp Cams High Energy 252H. 206/206, .425/.425, 110 LSA. I think it'll have more snap than the 340 cam in your 318. You can use stock springs although you can change them if you wish. Break in the cam with the stock springs. Find the 340 springs on Rockauto, Enginetech ERV901, $2.00 each

The only thing that has to change is if you have valve rotators on the exhaust valves, they have to go, along with the short springs. Replace with regular retainers and springs.

Good Luck!


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#2399685 - 11/06/17 08:21 PM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: Eggman]
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Thanks. I have an extra set of comp 901’s,locks and retainers that I intend on using when I do the swap. I’m using a cast iron spreadbore intake along with a Chrysler Quadrajet from SMI and a mopar distributor to replace the ESC computer.

#2399788 - 11/06/17 11:30 PM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: Eggman]
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I ran a similar Crane cam in my basically stock rebuild 318 '77 Power Wagon save for some minor port cleanup in the heads.I just looked up the specs it was 204/216 @ .050,.427/.454 lift with the same 112 lsa. I did advance the cam 4 degrees after a while to gain some low end ( I had to pull the trans to repair it and pulling the engine was easier than removing the transfer case!).The truck had 3.55 gears and I ran a Holley 600 carb on a Performer intake. I bet it will run well in your 2wd truck.

#2399845 - 11/07/17 06:48 AM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: Eggman]
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Four degree advance and my street dominator intake might be the ticket here.

#2408270 - 11/24/17 12:15 PM Re: Cam for my 318. [Re: Eggman]
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Comp 252 or comp 260 single pattern and crank the timing up


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