In 2006, the Dodge Charger R/T Daytona was introduced to celebrate Dodge’s 2005 return to NASCAR racing after a 27-year hiatus. While the new Daytona resembled nothing of its winged warrior ancestor, the car came loaded with special Daytona-only features and was available in vintage colors like GoMango, Top Banana and TorRed. In 2007, the available colors for the Daytona were limited to two choices; Sublime Green or Plum Crazy Purple. Hemi Orange was the color for 2008 and the model wrapped up in 2009 with Stone White. The Daytona featured a matte black chin spoiler, a blacked out grille, retro-style R/T badges, matte black graphics on the hood, trunk lid and quarter panels and a small rear trunk lid spoiler. Many die-hard Mopar fans bellyached over the fact the new Daytona didn’t have a huge wing like the 1969 original but let’s be honest, would you buy a modern Charger with a massive wing on the back? We didn’t think so.

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