Our Mopars belong on the road course.
Due to the limited selection of off the shelf wheels with the proper offsets, most people are not able to utilize the 295mm-315mm extreme performance summer/ racing slick tires sizes currently on the market. Also many wheels are not engineered for track use and should not belong on a 3500+ lbs. vehicle cornering at a high rate of speed.

Getting a set of Forgeline wheels is one solution to those problems as their track capable products can be custom made to your specific application.

I have fitted my own `Cuda with a 315/30-18 BFGoodrich Rival S tires on all 4 corners using GS1R wheels and have an effective method on how to accurately measure the offset needed to install wide tires on any vehicle.

The GS1R has been proven on many professional racing teams and is a great wheel for the track.

Other competition wheel styles can be found on Forglines website
such as:

VX1R in Satin Bronze finish

GT1 5-lug in Gloss Black finish. The GT1 is a monoblock wheel but is still track capable.

GTD1 in Viper applications. Graphite finish (5-lug applications also available)

Custom finishes are optional such as Hot Rod Blue

The cost of Forgeline wheels is very expensive. A set of GS1R's 18x10.5 in a standard finish, with Forgelines own 10% discount and shipping will still cost nearly $6000.00 US dollars.

Working with Forgeline, I am able to provide a significant discount for anyone wanting to purchase their wheels. Please reply to this post or PM me directly as I am not allowed to advertise the reduced pricing.

Also include the following info:
Wheel style:
Bolt pattern:
Offset: (if unknown, I can assist with measurements)
Center Bore:

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