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#2135640 - 08/18/16 01:09 AM RIP SCATPK
Jeepmon Offline

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It looks like Herb lost his battle with Cancer today.. We all knew it was coming, but it doesnt make it any less painful..

RIP my brother..
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#2135641 - 08/18/16 01:25 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
carcrazyguy Offline

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RIP fellow car guy....

#2135659 - 08/18/16 03:16 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: carcrazyguy]
DirectSubjection Offline
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Was always a pleasure to meet and chat with him. frown


#2135664 - 08/18/16 05:32 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
nutso suave Offline

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RIP Herb. angel

He was a great dude who will be missed! I will never forget riding in and driving his HEMI GTX...and taking off in third gear. He was gracious and funny. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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#2135672 - 08/18/16 06:22 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
426Savoy Offline

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RIP Herb angel I met Herb at Stu's while on a company trip to the area. He was friendly as could be and didn't know me from Adam. I remember walking down the road from Stu's to look at his GTX. Great guy. Rest in Peace.

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#2135684 - 08/18/16 07:29 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
SANDYinNS Canada Offline

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Glad I wasn't the one to post this .. Herb was a very private guy and many on this board probably had no idea he was fighting cancer. It was a huge battle I won't go into the details but I can assure you guys he fought it with everything available to him !

I spent as much time with him as I could and am still deeply saddened by his passing . He was a great man . A family man and a dedicated employee . He loved mopars and his knowledge of the car hobby was amazing. He treated me like family even to the point of my son going to SFO to stay with him and his family .

Herb helped me with countless part scores and vehicle purchases .. Storing them and sometimes fixing them up . We all knew the end was near but for some reason it still hurts as much as if it were sudden .

I did manage to get Herb to come to Nova Scotia and stay for 9 days . We had a blast sadly he never got return . Herb met a who bunch of us Canadians over the years and any friend of mine was a friend of his .

Rip Herb
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#2135689 - 08/18/16 07:54 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
FrankenScamp Offline

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Damn..... frown


#2135691 - 08/18/16 07:58 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
BloFish Offline

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God speed Herb angel
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#2135692 - 08/18/16 07:58 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: SANDYinNS Canada]
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Very sad to hear this. RIP. frown

#2135706 - 08/18/16 08:34 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
mattsmopars Offline

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Prayers sent for his family.

#2135720 - 08/18/16 09:02 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
feets Offline
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Thanks for letting us know.

Goodbye Herb.

#2135723 - 08/18/16 09:06 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
63CandyMatic Offline
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Sad to hear. Prayers to his family and friends.

#2135730 - 08/18/16 09:19 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: SANDYinNS Canada]
MidPenMopar Offline
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Yes a good friend gone too soon. I could never pay back all the help and advice Herb has given me over the many years that i have known him. He will be missed............... angel

herb 6.jpg


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#2135763 - 08/18/16 10:00 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
EWJ Offline

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Wow...very sorry to hear. Did not have much interaction with him, but seemed very nice. Looks way to young to have left this earth.
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#2135769 - 08/18/16 10:03 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
Darius Offline

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RIP Herbie. Enjoy Mopar heaven, as I am sure you will.
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#2135794 - 08/18/16 10:50 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
SeventyGTX Offline

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WOW! I haven't been on here much lately and had no idea he was battling cancer. Last time I saw him was about 3 years ago at the show in Rancho Cordova. Even parked next to him at one of the shows there several years ago. Just a great all around guy. This is a stunner. frown
RIP Herb, you will be missed. angel

#2135811 - 08/18/16 11:13 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: SeventyGTX]
70sixpkRT Offline

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i have known Herb for many years . He was a great guy. He let me drive his GTX on many occasions. I even got pulled over by CHP launching on an on ramp going thru all 4 gears doing 100 mph with him in the passenger seat. The cop didn't give me a ticket. Just wanted to see the car. He will be missed. Rest in peace Herb.

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#2135829 - 08/18/16 11:35 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
Morty426 Offline

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Terrible loss. So sorry to hear about this.


#2135835 - 08/18/16 11:43 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Morty426]

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So sorry to read of his passing. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.
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#2135898 - 08/18/16 01:05 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
68HemiB Offline

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When Sandy first told me [in confidence] of Herb's battle, my reaction to the news was as anyone else's would have been - to reach out. Herb's need to be a private man kept that from happening. I am greatly saddened by the fact that I never got to say good-bye, but Herb's wishes far outweigh my selfish needs.

One of my fondest memories was [hopelessly] trying to keep up with him as he briskly accelerated down Woodley in Van Nuys. It was a good thing that I was unable to stay with him, as being beside a sideways GTX as it leaves rubber going into third gear is not a clever place to be.

Godspeed, my friend. angel
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