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#2135917 - 08/18/16 01:27 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
amxautox Online   content
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Rest In Peace. angel A Loss To The Mopar World.

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-Henry David Thoreau

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#2135945 - 08/18/16 02:04 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: amxautox]
ScottSmith_Harms Offline
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I had no idea he was sick, what a great person he was. RIP Herb angel

#2135974 - 08/18/16 02:47 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
70440+6bbl Offline

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RIP Herb

#2135978 - 08/18/16 02:58 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
crackedback Offline

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Horrible to hear of his passing.

He was a good guy. Always a kick when I spoke with him at Flings.

#2136002 - 08/18/16 03:26 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
Rhinodart Offline

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RIP Herb!
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#2136055 - 08/18/16 04:29 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
I Live Here

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Herb was a true Mopar guy and someone I always wanted to meet but never had the chance.RIP.


#2136062 - 08/18/16 04:41 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
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Here's a couple of videos of Herbie tearing it up a few years ago at Dyno Day.

Check out our MPM Facebook page:

#2136127 - 08/18/16 06:07 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
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Hemi 265's the six to have !

Penguins haunt me.

#2136171 - 08/18/16 07:17 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
sp392 Offline

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Rest in Mopar peace Herbie

#2136215 - 08/18/16 08:31 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
Ramrod39 Offline

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Well crap...

RIP Herb.

#2136250 - 08/18/16 09:07 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
OhioMopar Offline

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That sucks. I never interacted with him, but I loved his car.
ISO '69 GTS 340 or '71 Demon 340 project.

#2136251 - 08/18/16 09:08 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: DirectSubjection]
dart4forte Offline
I Live Here

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Found out about Herbs passing yesterday and pretty much kept quiet to respect Herbs desire for privacy. I've known Herb since the mid 90s. Actually met him in passing(he was passing) on I-5 heading to Springfling. He caught my attention in that he was driving his 70 340 Swinger. After that weekend we kept up with each other via the net but I really got to know him when he brokered the deal for the 71 Charger I purchased.

Even though we lived several states apart I always regarded Herb as a friend. He will be sorely be missed, especially by the tight knit group he ran with in his home town.

Herb, my brother, I wish you a safe journey to the other side. angel

#2136318 - 08/18/16 10:17 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
flypaper Offline
I hate Texas

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its very sad seeing this whiney
RIP angel

#2136369 - 08/18/16 11:25 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: carcrazyguy]
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Sorry to learn of this. He was always a welcome sight at the Spring and Fall Fling car shows. Herb always made time to say hello, always willing to share stories. Herb had many friends and I'm sure that they all will miss him. I know that he battled with the disease for awhile. My understanding is that he lived longer than the docs expected. I was hoping to hear that he was in remission but at the same time I was worried to ask anyone. This is a problem that I have, NOT knowing and worried to ask for fear that things are getting worse. I've had several family members die from Cancer related issues. Some had luck and held off the disease, others conked out pretty quick.
I saw Rico with Herbs GTX at the 2015 Hot August Nights show. When I saw the car I expected to see Herb near it.
I'm going to miss seeing you buddy.

#2136377 - 08/18/16 11:38 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Frankenduster]
theraif Offline

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frown angel

#2136394 - 08/19/16 12:08 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Frankenduster]
dart4forte Offline
I Live Here

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I remember several years ago he brought the X to Willow Springs to run around the track. Man the smile he had on his face after his first run. He was putting that Hemi through its paces.

Have to admire him, he didn't seem to let his situation get the best of him. Continued to work on that Max Wedge car.

I was in SF in April to Pu that 300 vert. Missed a chance to see him. Sandy flew in the day I headed south so I'm sure they had some quality time.

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#2136419 - 08/19/16 01:14 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
Hemi_Jack Offline

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Sorry to hear this. RIP, gone too soon.

#2136439 - 08/19/16 05:09 AM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
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1969 plymouth road runner post 383 4 speed waiting for F8

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#2136649 - 08/19/16 12:50 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
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I didn't know him other than his numerous posts here. Upstanding guy, I have no doubt...

Shift hard, shift fast "up there" buddy! angel

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I'm a sneezing fish!

#2136724 - 08/19/16 03:08 PM Re: RIP SCATPK [Re: Jeepmon]
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Yes, Herb was a very private person. He really didn't want to burden people with his disease, so most of it was kept pretty quiet. Rose (Herbie's wife) texted me Wednesday morning with a simple "He's gone". Rose was with him at home as well as his brother Ronnie and hospice. Ronnie told me he was at peace when he passed. Just faded out. So sad. I've known him since he was 17-18 years old. We have had a ton of great adventures together. He was like a brother. Ronnie is going to the funeral home today to work out the next step. Services and such. When I get the information, I will post it, for those interested. He will be missed. Rico

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