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#1760444 - 02/22/15 12:22 PM Stewart Pomeroy
mr_340 Offline

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I got a call from Stewart's friend Robert last night. I guess Stewart is not doing well. He had this COPD thing going on for the last couple of years. He's still smoking and wears an oxygen supply and smokes in bed. A real recipe for disaster. Robert tells me that Stewart's mind is going and he can't remember how to turn on the computer anymore. He doesn't want contact from friends either and basically told Robert he didn't want his help or need it. It's really sad to see a great guy like Stewart slipping away like that.

Stewart introduced me to Hemi Fred and the Missile gang and also to Robert, so he has been a great friend to me. He's given me all kinds of posters and CDs of various Hemi cars including some of the Mopar Missile construction photos he got from Oldfield. My prayers go out to Stewart for a recovery.
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#1760445 - 02/22/15 12:29 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: mr_340]
ScottSmith_Harms Offline
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Stewart is a great guy, a true Mopar hobbyist in the purist sense of the word. I wish him a speedy recovery.

#1760446 - 02/22/15 12:32 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: ScottSmith_Harms]
Steve1118 Offline

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I was wondering where he was...I'm so sorry, Stewart.
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#1760447 - 02/22/15 12:37 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: Steve1118]
jake4cars Offline
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This is terrible news, Stewart has been very generous to me and a lot of people on this site with his posters and knowledge, I am truly sorry to hear he is slipping away like this.


#1760448 - 02/22/15 01:49 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: jake4cars]
Doc Fiberglass Offline

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I called SP about a week or so ago .... no one answered - left a message - never heard back .... so there MUST have been something up.....

Best wishes SP ...

#1760449 - 02/22/15 02:09 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: mr_340]
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I heard Stewart wasn't doing well on another forum. I pray that he can get better. His first-hand experience, knowledge, photos and info about Don Carlton and the Motown/Mopar Missile cars is absolutely incredible. Hoping he'll see how much he's missed here and at the races.

#1760450 - 02/22/15 02:17 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: Locomotion]
bigdad Offline
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Sorry to hear this news.

#1760451 - 02/22/15 05:08 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: bigdad]
Clanton Offline

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Get well Stewart!Thank you for the posters,pics also,showing me around on my visit to Fl years ago.
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#1760452 - 02/22/15 05:19 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: Clanton]
tboomer Online   happy

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Get well Stew! Your knowledge is incredible!

#1760453 - 02/22/15 05:42 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: tboomer]
hemid68 Offline

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I'm sorry to hear Stewart is ailing. I got some great pictures of my car from Stewart, and they were definitely appreciated.
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#1760454 - 02/22/15 11:11 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: hemid68]
sixpackgut Offline
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Stewarts posters hang in frames. CDs of pictures get looked at often. I have had many conversations with him. Very sad news
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#1760455 - 02/23/15 12:05 AM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: sixpackgut]

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8438185-STEWARTPOMROY.jpg (349 downloads)

home of the
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#1760456 - 02/23/15 06:34 AM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: HEMIFRED]
DusterDave Offline
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Sorry to hear this news about Stewart. I've BS'd with Stewart and Robert a few times at local car shows, and I've been to Robert's shop several times. As you guys know, Stewart is a real nice guy, and a wealth of knowledge. I wish him God's speed.
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#1760457 - 02/23/15 06:39 AM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: DusterDave]
Quicktree Offline
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very sad, nice guy. we hope you the best.

#1760458 - 02/23/15 10:20 AM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: Quicktree]
3ddart Offline
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Prayers for a quick recovery sent for Stu

#1760459 - 02/23/15 04:01 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: 3ddart]
mopacltd Offline
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I have been trying to contact Stewart for months. Now I understand why I have not been able to contact him. Talked to the Ramcharger guys at MATS last April. They all told me Stewart was not in good health.
Get better, Stewart. I always loved talking to you and your posters and knowledge are awesome.

#1760460 - 02/23/15 08:55 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: mopacltd]
SSDAcuda Offline
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Get well Stewart!! I met you at the Hemi reunion and always enjoyed reading your posts and pictures posted on here .

You're a class act and a true asset here on moparts...

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#1760461 - 02/23/15 09:06 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: SSDAcuda]

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Stewart is a top of the line gentleman in every sense of the word.
I have spent many days with him, on several occasions.
It saddens me to see the way he treats himself.
Stewart is irreplaceable, but he is also that much more stubborn.
Get well soon my friend, start taking care of yourself again.

#1760462 - 02/23/15 09:19 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: SSDAcuda]
B Dartman Offline

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Sad news indeed. are in our thoughts and prayers here in Kansas.

Struck up conversation on here years ago with Stewart in a post where I'd mentioned "The Wire Car" and it took off from there to some great Missle threads and Hemi Colt threads.

Stewart has a really big heart and like many others have posted here, my garage too is peppered with authographed posters and pictures that Stewart graciously provided without ever asking for anything in return.

Get well soon Stewart a.k.a. "Seymour Guntz"

#1760463 - 02/24/15 05:57 PM Re: Stewart Pomeroy [Re: B Dartman]
sunroofgtx Offline
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Stu has the talent of making anybody feel like a superstar. I met him at the PRI Show several years back, and asked if we were going to the "BBQ" with him and some friends. Little did I know who was going...What a guy. I admire him greatly. Great luck, Stu, I know you will be reading this thread.

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