Not yet . I do have plans for them in the future.It will depend on the success of the 383 program. It takes a huge investment for these type of programs to happen. Always a chance that a large firm will notice and with more resources will decide to have them made.Mancini did exactly that.However they are more expensive and not on the shelf. 2-3 week wait.No problem as Mancini guys are some of my best friends.If someone steps up so be it. I have a nice piece here for a street hi performance 383 which can fill the need.Thank you for your interest. Mike

p.s everyone who used and purchased the 1st gen of these have been more than happy and totally surprised in the difference in the engines. No comparison to the trw/speed pro stuff.Small hp and friction gain but a huge acceleration and response difference even with the stock mopar 383-440 camshaft.

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Leave the gun.......take the Cannoli's....Mike