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#1639830 - 06/29/14 10:34 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Copper Dart]
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Dan was truly an amazing guy, I first got to know him back in '03 on the Engine Masters 470 project when I sent him a ported stock oil pump to took hours to convince him but when I said "think of the pump body like cylinder head, if we increase the flow capacity of the inlet and outlets, we can increase it's efficiency even though it's displacement stays the same" You could hear the light bulb click on over 600 miles of phone line.

He did my offset grind and journal prep on my 517 crank and what a job he did, I torqued it down in my line honed block and it spun like it was on roller bearings. Amazing machinist I liked and respected him tremendously and I miss him greatly.

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#1639831 - 06/29/14 11:01 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Streetwize]
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Rip Dan, the board has lost a lot of good unbiased info

#1639832 - 06/29/14 11:34 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Quicktree]
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I have been working on my motor the last few days. testing the valve springs and checking the retainers and keepers. been thinking about him because he sold all this stuff. I am amaze that the springs still test good. he sold me the right stuff and it last.I miss not being able to call talk to him that is for sure. Had questions about stuff. I just have to try to fine out things other way now. RIP Dan you was a good man and will be missed
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#1639833 - 06/29/14 08:07 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: VernMotor]
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I miss our little chats on the email, realised the other day we were in contact since Moparts beginnings, that's a long time, I have saved the emails on file, a pleasure to read through them, still can't believe this has happened, miss you buddy

#1639834 - 06/29/14 10:23 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: FastOne]
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As others have mentioned, definitely miss the conversations we had over the years. Had many of them, starting out with engines then morphed into all sorts of subjects, always interesting. Never met him in person and now never will, sad to say.

Was thinking of him today as I was dry fitting the 833 to the 452 he built for us, was remembering that it was the weekend of the funeral. Looking forward to getting it in and firing it up, I am sure it will be a credit to his skills. Will certainly be thinking of him when we do. I think it is the last completed Mopar engine to leave POR. His skills and contributions will be missed.


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#1639835 - 06/30/14 01:36 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: justinp61]
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RIP Dan, one of the great guys here. Some guys here won't share information unless you're buying something. Dan wasn't that way, he spent a bunch of time on the phone with me when I was considering my stroker. I think he truly enjoyed sharing. Godsr speed.

Very true...I only spoke to Dan once, when I was looking for stroker parts.He was very helpful and took the time to talk with me and left a nice impression.
My condolonces to his family and friends.
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#1639836 - 06/30/14 11:10 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: JLaSalle]
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I'll miss Dan for sure. He built my first engine and I was going to have him build the one for the Cuda. Getting on the phone with Dan typically meant one thing. You had better have a lot of time because you were going to school. He was one of those guys that talk about and say, "He has probably forgot more than I will ever know." But Dan never for things. One funny incident was back I believe in 2011 he was heading up to Syracuse to visit his family and deliver an engine to his brother. I talked Dan into dropping my engine off on the way up and gave him very specific directions. Little did I know that Dan was afraid of heights. When he got to my house, he asked why I just didn't send him through DC. I told him it was way faster to cross at Dahlgren on the 301 bridge and then the Solomon's Island Bridge. Not for Dan, he was terrified and told he would do just about anything not to be on high bridges.

You are already greatly missed!!
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#1639837 - 07/04/14 05:06 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: CompWedgeEngines]
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Oh my! The man from the East Coast of Florida?

He gave great input to this site. Feisty guy!

I am so sorry for his family.
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#1639838 - 07/04/14 08:29 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Rug_Trucker]
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Cleaning out my PM's today, I came across this Dan reply on life from 2013.

8197815-moparts_Re_Futurevisit2.pdf (297 downloads)

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#1639839 - 07/04/14 08:37 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: jcc]
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Cleaning out my PM's today, I came across this Dan reply on life.

very very cool.

#1639840 - 07/07/14 05:10 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Sammy]
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R.I.P. Dan.....

Only got to meet him one time.and just heard what happened...

WOW will be missed
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#1639841 - 07/07/14 09:11 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: kens avenger]
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I received a thank you card from Dan's mother today. It is notable to mention that the members who entered into the engine raffle via the specially set up paypal account, when given the option of a refund after Dan's passing, all of them requested that their raffle entry go to Dan's family. That says a lot of the caliber of folks we have on this board. God bless all of you. This message is for you.

Rest in peace, brother Dan.
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#1639842 - 07/08/14 11:49 AM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: BIG BEAR]
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Dan was my long distance buddy. Never seemed annoyed if I called with a machining question, Or just a simple cam recommendation question.

He machined my dads 440 in the ramcharger, dad was dying of cancer at the time and was too sick to do any building himself so I did that while dad talked with dan. Was great seeing dad and dan connect so fast as they both started talking old cars and even bikes

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#1639843 - 07/08/14 12:43 PM Re: RIP Dan Costello [Re: Moparnut426]
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Dan was my long distance buddy. Never seemed annoyed if I called with a machining question, Or just a simple cam recommendation question.

He machined my dads 440 in the ramcharger, dad was dying of cancer at the time and was too sick to do any building himself so I did that while dad talked with dan. Was great seeing dad and dan connect so fast as they both started talking old cars and even bikes


Kasey, if you only knew the effort he put forth in getting the stuff together for your Dad's engine. He couldn't find a good forged crank and called me for one but the time frame was so short he decided against it and found one somewhere else but just how hard he worked to get it done was amazing to me.

Dan knew he was the only person I really talked to on the phone and when he called me while he was in the hospital he could tell I was sick and started giving me crap about going to the doctor.

I use to bust his balls because my friends had a nick name for him. every time he called, there was always something out of spec or something he didn't like or whatever and my friends, who he also helped on many occasions for advice called him Ten Grand Dan
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