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#1441 - 12/18/03 08:41 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body
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For the owner of RM21J8A274037, I have your original Dealer Invoice and more. All free with proof of ownership. I hope you're still out there.

EastCoast Land Yacht Assoc.
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1969 Satellite Conv: H code 383/4 speed, N85
1970 Super Bee: 383/4 speed F8/F8
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#1442 - 12/28/03 09:45 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]

Looking for buildsheet for 1968 Charger R/T Vin.# XS29L8B348043 email any info. to Thank You.

#1443 - 12/28/03 11:50 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body

What the heck, I'll give this a try also. Looking for broadcast sheet, engine and trans or any info.
Car was built at the St. Louis, Missouri plant. Originally built as a 383/Auto, sold localy in St. Louis and traded hands about 6 times before I bought it last year.

Thanks in advance.

This is what she looks like!

#1444 - 01/03/04 05:00 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]

Found Broadcast Sheet RS23U0G109769

Looking for RS23V0G109635


#1445 - 01/07/04 08:34 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]
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Looking for Road Runner broadcast sheet VIN# RM21M9A246386, Thanks, Dave.
Documenting all 1969 A12 Road Runners and A12 Super Bees. Looking for fender tag photos, broadcast sheet copies and window sticker copies.
1973 Duster 340 13.41 @ 100.71 in stock trim.

#1446 - 01/14/04 12:44 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: Dave Watt]
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Looking for broadcast sheet and 727 auto transmission for my '70 RR RM21N0E137950. The tranny should be in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Update: Well, I just received the RR from AZ and the build sheet was under the front bench seat Still need the tranny though...
'70 Super Bee 440 6 pack 4-spd 4.10 Dana N96 EB5
'70 'Cuda 340 4-spd 3.23SG N96 FC7

#1447 - 01/16/04 07:27 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: 70440+6bbl]
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Wanted: original engine for my '70 RR RM21NOA140571. This car was bought new at Rezza Motors in Garfield, NJ by John F. Norwid. The second owner was a Kenneth Steier and he then sold the car to Charles Rosman from New Milford, NJ on November 22, 1973. I have not been able to get a hold of any of these previous owner's. One of these guys swapped out the original engine to my car Maybe it was blown up or it's in a NJ member's Mopar???

All of this ownership history was in the owner's manual packet. Included dealer's warranty pamphlet, bill of sale's and old '73 NJ title.

Anyone out there know of any of these guys???
'70 Super Bee 440 6 pack 4-spd 4.10 Dana N96 EB5
'70 'Cuda 340 4-spd 3.23SG N96 FC7

#1448 - 01/23/04 07:12 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]

Wanted: Build Sheet and any info for RM21J8G256554

1968 Hemi Roadrunner

657052-MVC-874S.JPG (497 downloads)

#1449 - 01/25/04 11:46 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body
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Found fender tag to my old 69 super bee I think it went to eastern Pa WM21 E63 D32 904 079124 FREE to OWNER
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#1450 - 01/25/04 03:57 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]
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Hi all,

Looking for the broadcast sheet, buildsheet or fender tag for RM21N0G211190. Bought the car from a guy in upstate NY last year, do not know anything of its history other than that it had sat for a while before he got it.

best regards, David Walworth

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#1451 - 01/27/04 04:27 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: David_in_St_Croi]
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Found broadcast sheet in my 67 coronet..
WS23L77139431...its yours if you want it..

#1452 - 01/29/04 02:26 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: minivan]

Looking for Broadcast sheet or any other information on RM27H9G182365 Y2 Sunfire Yellow/Black top/Black bench seat interior 1969 Road Runner convertible. It's a 4-speed with Road Wheels and not too many options. Here's some past history on the car

1. purchased new Dec '68 at Reedman Auto Center in Langhorne, PA by Charles "Todd" Lose of New Ringoes, NJ. Lose trades in '67 Corvette for Road Runner.

2. Lose trades car in to Freehold Lincoln-Mercury on a new '73 Capri

At this point, I don't know who owned the car or it's location, however...

3. Earl Brown, of Freehold, NJ, purchases it off a Lee Deedmeyer (sp? Deedmayer?), also from Freehold, NJ in Sept '75 for $800. The car had been sitting in front of Deedmeyer's parent's house for awhile with one tire going flat. At this point Earl already owns a green '69 Road Runner 383-automatic hardtop.

4. Earl sells it to friend Terry Howells of Woodbridge Spring Apts (currently Rustic Village), Clayton, NJ. He titles it October 21, 1980.

5. Terry breaks shift fork in trans leaving the car stuck in 2nd gear, and puts car up for sale in the Tradin' Times for $600 sometime in 1981.

6. Mike N. buys the car and stores until '96, when he decides to sell it to me.

The car also has a Ted's BP and Performance (Bridgeton, NJ) sticker on the left quarter window. The numbers on the engine do not match, but the transmission numbers do. Anyone have any leads or info?

#1453 - 02/08/04 10:25 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body

Found Broadcast sheets, free to owner

1969 Superbee WM21H9G196289

My brother used to own this car. The car was in the Omaha, Nebraska area in the late 1980's - early 1990's, then in the Southwest Iowa area. Believe sold on Easter Sunday 1998 or 1999 from Silver City, Iowa to Grand Island, Nebraska.

Also 1971 Charger SE WP29U1E127054

Believed to be a Nebraska car.

#1454 - 02/12/04 08:55 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body
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Road Runner Serial Number:

I to am looking for any info and a build sheet for a '68 Road Runner. The car was bought new in California. It was brought to North Dakotn in 1975 by Don Sayler of Bismark. I have copies of all the titles. This car is LL1 Seafoam Turquise two door post car. It is a 383 and 4 speed. Thanks in advance!

701484-PDC_0243.jpg (328 downloads)

'09 Challenger R/T '70 Challenger T/A 340 6Pak and Auto I was born with nothing and I still have most of it left!

#1455 - 02/16/04 10:58 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]
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Looking for broadcst sheet for my 70 Roadrunner
RM27 N0G 1924XX
car purchased new and spent most of life in western New York.
email with any info, Thanks!

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#1456 - 02/16/04 02:54 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: Kingy]
Alaskan_TA Offline
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Broadcast sheet found for a 1972 Satelite 4-door, VIN is RH41G2G211404 . Sheet is free to owner of car with proof of ownership.

To claim, contact;

The Challenger T/A Registry
P. O. Box 9632
Ketchikan, AK. 99901

#1457 - 02/16/04 05:18 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: Alaskan_TA]
farmboy70 Offline
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Loc: Western Pa
Looking for broadcast sheet for 1970 Roadrunner
Yellow six barrel four speed danaPlease PM if found.

#1458 - 02/17/04 10:26 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]
hemi70se Offline
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Glad to have found this site!!
Here is 20+ years of buildsheets I've collected
All big-block muscle cars!
Road Runners:
RM21H8G163447 QQ1 BLUE AT
RM23H9G224335 R4 RED AT
RM23H9G257323 R4 RED AT
RM23H9G275175 B5 BLUE 4SPD
RM23H9G140615 R6 RED 4SPD
RM23N0A223934 EV2 ORG. 3SPD
RM23N0G251753 DY3 YEL. AT
RS23L9G100821 X9 BLACK AT
RS23U0G123377 FK5 B.ORG. 4SPD
RS23U0G206847 BL1 BEIGE AT
RS23U1G161447 GB7 BLUE AT
RS23U1G161460 FJ6 GREEN AT
WM23N0G206189 B5 BLUE 3SPD
WS23L9G183476 F8 GREEN 4SPD
XS29L8B395672 WHITE AT
XS29U0G125190 F8 GREEN AT
XP29N0G173817 FC7 PURPLE AT s/e model
XP29NOG154487 EV2 ORANGE AT s/e model
That's it! I know some of these cars ARE still around!

#1459 - 02/18/04 12:50 AM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]

looking for RS23L9E120083
if you have it get in conact with me and i will give more info,,,or if you are a previous owner....

Thanks Moparts

#1460 - 02/22/04 03:42 PM Re: Broadcast Sheets - L&F B Body [Re: moparts]
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Loc: home of the Buckeyes

Looking for broadcast sheet and history for my 71 Roadrunner. Car spent most of its life in Nevada.
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