Highway cruiser....I'm putting in 2.76's believe it or not. I can't afford a Kessler or Gear Vendor overdrive & I want to drive the car cross-country. That's why I'm building this mild motor.

I've got the XE274 cam in my current motor now and it seems very tame (good for a highway cruiser)... at least it's tame vs. the 292/509 I pulled out. fyi-I'm running 3.91's now & my rpm's are just over 4000rpm on the highway (slow lane) & I don't feel comfortable loading up the family & driving 1500 miles like that.

I have adjustable rockers on my current motor, but I don't want to rob them off the engine to build this one...plus, I don't want to have to adjust valve lash on the side of the road in Florida or Canada or wherever, so I'm pretty locked-in on non-adjustable rocker arms.

My 2.76 center section should be done next week & I do plan to try them out with my current motor to see if I can put the car in gear up a hill without frying the clutch (4spd). If yes, then the XE274, XE275HL, or similar Hughes, Isky or ? cam will go in. If I can't drive the car with the 2.76's and the XE274, then I will look at the XE268 or similar smaller cam.

I'm trying to build this motor cheap so my wife doesn't shoot me. I need to buy a cam/lifters, new Icon 2618 pistons (about 9.5:1 compression) and get the machine work done. I'm putting the heads together now. I just need to be sure I can run the springs that came on the Edelbrock heads & it seems like the consensus is that I'm OK, but on the edge.



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