I've personally tested the following:

1. Two 10" electric puller fans
2. One large electric puller fan
3. One large electric puller + two 10" pusher fans
4. Stock fan/shroud

For all the electric fans, I used low-profile, high cfm fans with no additional shrouds.

What I found was that in traffic, I would run cool with the two pushers + one big puller BUT I would overheat on the highway. If I used any less electric fan combo, I would overheat in traffic.

I switched to the stock fan/shroud & used a "Jaguar" (big block thing that is a short fan clutch to clear big radiators) & a cheap 3-core aluminum Champion radiator (hard to make fit) & my engine runs at 180F in traffic OR on the highway & I was able to put a thermostat back in it.

Also, you might try using more distilled water & less antifreeze and throw in a bottle of Water Wetter (iron heads) or Purple Ice/Lucas Super Coolant (your choice) for aluminum heads. None of these products does anything useful unless you run more water, less antifreeze......like 2 parts water + 1 part 100% antifreeze or even water-only + additive.

Water cools better than antifreeze, BUT it freezes. Many antifreeze bottles have "freeze protection charts" on them or look at engineeringtoolbox.com & calculate your own blend (antifreeze = ethylene glycol in most cases). Run the least antifreeze you can safely and not freeze up in the winter, then use one of the additives to keep your corrosion protection. HOPE THIS HELPS
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