Acquiring parts for 2019 build. First off Im fully aware a single carb on an air gap RPM is better better better and cheaper for the street. Im a fan of multi carbs and have two new Edelbrock 500cfm carbs. My project: 360 with KB 107 pistons, ported J heads 2.02 1.6 valves. Dougs 1.5/8" full length headers. Hyd roller cam .235-.240 dur @.050. 727 full manual,3500 stall 3:91 SG.1971 Demon. I have a new Offenhauser dual quad but decided this 273 manifold will give up too much and thus I will sell it off. Would like the set up to fit under the hood but am willing to cut hood for the tunnel ram. Ive searched moparts and A bodies only forum and the Modman dual 4 configuration sounds wrong for my app as my engine may be much too small and mild. But I wanted a recent take from members in the know. My goal is a car I will have fun in and honestly will never take to the strip (But high 12s in the 1/4 capability.) Park it in my house and hug it (Im single)