'87 Shelby Daytona T-Top
193,452 kms (approx 121,000 miles)
Turbo II Intercooled
5-Speed Getrag
#'s Matching Trans & Engine

Engine runs great. Trans works perfectly. Burns no oil, loses no coolant. Builds boost like a hurricane and pulls like a freight train!

Thousands spent in new parts. Front-end rebuilt. New Axles. 4-wheel alignment. Wheels restored. Tires new and correct size.
Brakes, Shocks & Struts, motor mounts, cooling system. All 100%.
Block was studded with an ARP kit and cometic head gasket installed. Never change a head gasket on this car ever again!

Not a show car by any stretch. Body has some dings and dents. Paint is a solid 10-footer. Rust in spare tire well, but I had the well from a better car cut out and will throw in. Makes for a great driver though. You can worry about the cosmetics.

Have keys and bags for the tops and Two tonneau covers.

Looking for $4000 (canadian pesos) or will trade for equal condition Jeep Cherokee 2-door 4.0/Auto.





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