It feels like it's time for a new toy so it's time to sell my 1999 Viper ACR/GTS

Black with Silver Stripes
1 of 45 built in that color combination.
It has the A/C and Stereo Comfort Group.
New clutch (about 500 miles on it)

The factory BBS wheels have had the faces polished and painted black in the mesh.

It has aftermarket 3 inch stainless exhaust (not sure on the brand).

It has 50,600 miles on it.

It runs and drives great.

If it was any other color I might not want to sell it, I've never been a fan of Black cars.

Extremely nice condition, but not flawless.
It has the typical chips and scrapes under the front bumper/fascia that all Viper get when driven.

Asking $41,000

As far as possible trades, my main interest would be a late model Challenger along with cash difference based.
Bright colors preferred, as I said I'm not a fan of Black cars. laugh2

PM me though here or contact by phone (cell) 314-704-6363 (call or text).




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