For sale. Ritter-Weber built vintage 71 340 Super Stock engine. X block, +.013 steel crank, factory race prepped rods, Venolia 2 ring pistons, heads are SS prepped as per the rules back in the day, 1985. No "visual" porting allowed. Victor 340 modified for TQ carb. Comp roller 277/279, .640/.658 ground on 104. Harland rockers. Hamburger pan. Inovators west balance, crank trigger. Engine has dyno time only. 32 pulls. Made 520's HP and 440's torque. Pulls made to 7000. Has not run since then. Always stored in a climate controlled garage and is sealed. I have no idea what this is worth but will throw 6500 out there. Needs carb, distributor and headers to run. E mail or PM thank you.




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