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Is this a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The grinding could be a converter if it took out the turbine splines but that is not common on those units.

Tell that to my wallet, as I had a converter failure in my 99 Ram 4X4 that destroyed the trans in no less than 20 mins after the converter started it's "death cry"...

My 2010 Ram 4X4 suffered the same fate, my Daughter's 2003 4X4 2500 I traded it just as the converter started whining as I didn't need another tranny rebuild bill for $2K+ , and my buddy's 2005 2WD Ram died from the same cause...no more Rams for me, my tranny guy (funny I never needed a "tranny guy" until I started buy Dodge Rams) says this is a common problem he's seen with Dodge trannys over the years, junk factory supplied converters that can't hold up, that end up puking their ground internals thru out the transmission (none of these trucks ever towed a trailer, but eventually end up being towed! to the tranny shop)

My daughters 2000 Ram 1500 has done the converter trash 2 times. GERRRRRRR
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